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Refer and Earn Money on OPay Mobile App

Refer your first friend and get ₦310
A new referral program is here from Opera on the OPay mobile app. Refer your friends using your unique event referral/invite code and earn up to ₦922k(921,700 Naira) when they register their accounts on the app and perform a valid transaction. The amount you'll be earning per referral increases when you refer more friends. The table below shows the details.
Nọ of friends referred Amount per referral Total Earnings
1 – 5 ₦310 ₦1,550
6 – 10 ₦330 ₦1,650
11 – 20 ₦350 ₦3,500
21 – 30 ₦370 ₦3,700
31 – 50 ₦390 ₦7,800
51 – 100 ₦410 ₦20,500
101 – 200 ₦430 ₦43,000
201 – 500 ₦450 ₦135,000
501 – 2000 ₦470 ₦705,000

OPay App

OPay mobile app is an app designed to save you some money on things you do almost everyday. The OPay app is just for you if you like doing things on the internet. With this amazing app, you can book ride easily and quickly across the cities from anywhere OPay service is available and enjoy great discounts. Buy Airtime and Data for your loved ones, transfer money from one bank to another at a very low transfer charges and many more. You can do a lot and save a lot with OPay app. And now, with the latest referral program, you can make money online easily by referring your friends to the app.

Update (March 16, 2021):
Opay has renewed their referral program - see the new way to refer and earn money on the app.

Make Money on OPay App

There are two ways to earn money on the OPay app during this event. The first is you simply refer your friends to the app and earn money from ₦310 to ₦470 per referral, the amount increases when you refer more friends as shown in the table above. The second is when your your friends start making transactions on the app, you'll be earning 1% of the total money spent. Isn't that great?.

These are the three simple steps to start making money on OPay app:
  1. Download and install OPay app if you don't have it already installed on your phone.
  2. Log in your account on the app or create a new account using your Name, Email and Phone Number if you are new to the app and enter my referral code upon successful sign up then perform a valid transaction such as Money Transfer, Airtime recharge, Bill Payment etc.
  3. Refer your friends to the app and tell them to enter your unique referral/invite code after sign up. NEW USERS ONLY.

How to Download OPay App

You can download the OPay app from Google Play store for android or get it on the App Store for iOS device by clicking the button below.

How to Start Referring your Friends on OPay App

  • Download OPay app and register your account.
  • Enter my referral code DP2GYHF upon successful sign up. Copy and paste the code in the box that appears immediately you click the sign up button.
Enter my referral code DP2GYHF once signed in successfully on the OPay app
  • Perform any valid transaction on the app. You can book a ride, recharge airtime, pay bill, deposit or withdraw money, transfer money to other bank and more. Don't forget you'll enjoy amazing discounts.
  • Now, go to the app homepage and click Cashback from there.
  • Tap Refer and Earn banner and copy your referral/invite code.
  • Share the app with your friends and tell them to enter your referral code after they completed the registration process successfully and your friends need to perform a transaction on the app for you to earn your cashbacks.
  • Refer more friends to the app and make more money.
Referral program on OPay App, how to make money online
Kindly note that:
  • You can only benefit from this referral program by referring NEW users to the app.
  • The event referral code must be entered immediately after the user complete the registration and not during the registration. You can leave the initial referral code box empty or enter the code 3R33Y7U.

How to Withdraw your Earnings

  1. Go to the event page and click Withdraw.
  2. Enter the amount you want to withdraw on the next page and select Balance.
  3. Now, click Withdraw to Balance and the money will be sent to your Opay account where you can easily withdraw it directly to your bank account or use it for transactions available on OPay app.

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