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MTN WinBack Offer Renewed, Get 6× Airtime Bonus Plus Free Data Bonus with Cheap Data Bundles

WinBack offer is a special bonus offer from MTN to win back subscribers that have not been using their MTN SIM for a period of 30 to 180 days and have spent 60 days or more on the network. It's the revamped MTN Welcome Back Offer that now rewards 6 times the value of your airtime recharge plus free data bonus and you'll be able to subscribe for the Bi-weekly data plan of 2GB for 500 Naira in addition to the 250MB for 100 Naira 3-days data plan, 1GB for 200 Naira weekly data plan and 4GB for 1000 Naira monthly data plan already in the Welcome Back Data bundles.
Screenshot showing successful recharge of 200 Naira airtime with 1200 Naira bonus to call all networks and free 200MB data for 30 days

All You Need to Know About the Win Back Offer

  • It's SIM selective which means not everybody is eligible.
  • Your airtime will be automatically converted to bonus when you recharge using the USSD code given below to enjoy the WinBack recharge bonus.
  • You'll be able to get 6 times the amount of airtime you recharged plus free data bonus.
  • Your airtime bonus will be charged at 45 Naira per minute(₦45/min) which is equivalent to 75 Kobo per second(75kb/sec).
  • Only physical recharge cards can be used to enjoy the WinBack recharge and data bonuses.
  • The amount of airtime you recharged determines the amount of free data bonus you'll get and also the validity period of your airtime and data bonus. Check the table below for the full list:
Recharge Amount Airtime Bonus Data Bonus Validity period
₦50 ₦300 50MB 14 days
₦75 ₦450 75MB 14 days
₦100 ₦600 100MB 14 days
₦200 ₦1200 200MB 30 days
₦400 ₦2400 400MB 30 days
₦500 ₦3000 500MB 30 days
₦750 ₦4500 750MB 30 days
₦1000 ₦6000 1000MB 30 days
₦1500 ₦9000 1500MB 30 days
  • To enjoy the cheap data subscriptions of 250MB for N100, 1GB for N200, 2GB for N500 and 4GB for N1000, you have to recharge through any other means such as VTU(Virtual Top Up by dialling *904#), MyMTN app, Jumia One or you can load your recharge card using *555*RECHARGE CARD PIN# but you'll not be able to enjoy the airtime recharge bonus and free data bonus shown above.
Anyway, you have to be eligible to enjoy these amazing WinBack offers.

How to Check Eligibility Status

To know whether you're eligible to enjoy MTN Win Back Offers or not, simply load a recharge card by dialling *161*RECHARGE CARD PIN#. If you got a message starting with "Sorry...", you don't need to ask, it simply means you are not eligible for the WinBack offer. Retry on a different SIM card or read below to know what you have to do to be eligible for this amazing offers.

How to Make your SIM Card Eligible for MTN WinBack Offers

  • Get a MTN SIM that you have been using for nothing less than 60 days and keep it somewhere for 30 days. You can as well put it inside your phone but ensure you don't make call, receive call, SMS or browse with it for 30 days. 
  • Now, insert the SIM card in to your phone and you'll get a message from MTN welcoming you back on the network. This shows you are now eligible to enjoy the Win Back Offers. If you didn't received the Welcome Message however, no worries, you can still go ahead and start enjoying the WinBack Offers.

How to Start Enjoying MTN Win Back Offers

  • Buy a recharge card and load it using *161*RECHARGE CARD PIN#. You'll get your 6× airtime bonus and free data bonus immediately.
  • To check your bonus balance, dial *151#.
  • To enjoy the cheap data subscriptions of 1GB for ₦200 and more, simply dial *131*65# and select your preferred data plan or send the below code as text message to 131.
SMS to 131 Data Plan Cost Data Volume Validity Period
WBD1 3-Days ₦100 250MB 3 days
WBD2 Weekly ₦200 1GB 7 days
WBD3 Bi-Weekly ₦500 2GB 14 days
WBD4 Monthly ₦1000 4GB 30 days
  • Dial *131*4# or send 2 to 131 to check your WinBack data balance. That's all.

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