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How To Apply Cheats In GTA San Andreas Game

This tutorial is for all Android game nerds who love playing the famous GTA San Andreas game but are finding it very hard to complete a certain mission. Yeah! It's really boring when you got stuck somewhere in the game and that's why I'm here to show you how you can apply cheat to GTA San Andreas even if you have an android phone that is not rooted.

If you have a rooted android phone, then it's really easy to apply cheat in the game by simply installing an android app called Cleo SA.

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Cleo Menu pop up when swipe down from the top of the display
Cheats are very helpful when you are faced with difficult missions in the game but you'll miss some part of the fun if you use cheats too often.

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Applying Cheats in GTA SA Game

To apply cheat in GTA San Andreas game on your android device, you have to either install the game Apk file preinstalled with Cleo SA cheat app or use GTA San Andreas Cheater app also known as JCheater. These two apps will actually work for both rooted and non rooted android device.

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GTA San Andreas Game

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (GTA SA) is one of the three GTA game series released by the developer, Rockstar Games, for Android and it's the best of this series to many game nerds and the most played among them.

If you don't have the game already installed on your phone, then you need to check our complete guide on how to install GTA San Andreas game with the original or compressed obb/data files.

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GTA San Andreas Cheat Apps

I will be introducing two different apps you can use to apply cheats in GTA San Andreas game on android. Both apps are easy to use if you follow the instructions properly.
  1. Cleo SA app and
  2. GTA SA Cheater app (JCheater).

Cleo SA app icon
#1 - Cleo SA 

Cleo SA is the San Andreas version of the Cleo app. Cleo is just the best app to apply all the cheats you want in GTA San Andreas game on android device. It is officially available for rooted device but there is another workaround to use this app for non rooted android device also.

How it works...
GTA San Andreas game Apk file prebuilt with Cleo app is now available for download on any Android device (rooted or not). All you have to do is to ¹replace the original Apk file with the mod Apk file prebuilt with Cleo and ²install the Cleo cheats' script files. So, you have two things to do to make Cleo cheats work on your phone. Below is the guide to do that.
Note: Cleo Cheat may not work on compressed obb file of GTA San Andreas game. Try JCheater!.
The amazing feature of Cleo when compared to JCheater is that you are able to apply any of the GTA SA cheats right inside the game. So, you can spawn any vehicle you want anywhere you are in the game. All you need to do is, while playing the game, swipe down from the upper part of your phone screen and the Cleo Menu will popup. Here, you can choose any cheat you want to apply.
Vehicle spawned on the road using Cleo cheats in GTA San Andreas game on android

Cheats Available In Cleo

  1. Infinite Health and Armor
  2. Maximum Money
  3. Maximum Respect
  4. Unlimited Sprint - allows you to run or swim for longer without getting tired. Very useful when you have to chase a target on foot in missions like "Gray Import".
  5. Unlimited Ammo + different Weapon Sets including Parachute
  6. Upgrade Muscle, Stamina, Body Fat and Sex Appeal.
  7. Car Spawn - You can spawn any vehicle available in the game.
  8. Mission Selector - Select any mission in the game and start playing from there. You don't have to get stuck in the game because you are unable to complete a mission.
  9. SaveAnyWhere - You just don't have to go to CJ's safe house to save the game. You can save your progress anywhere.
  10. Immortality - CJ will not die from gun shots, falls from high places, bomb blasts, vehicle hits except from motor wreck if CJ is inside the vehicle.
  11. Invisibility - By applying this cheat you are making Carl immortal and any vehicle he entered will not be destroyed even if it falls from the highest mountain.
  12. BlowUpCars - Blows up all vehicles in the vicinity.
  13. VehicleOfDeath - Blow up other cars by hitting them.
  14. WeaponSkills
  15. VehicleSkills
  16. Nitro
  17. NotWanted
  18. SuperPunch
  19. Ninja
  20. FlyingCars
  21. AllCarsAreGreat
  22. AllCarsAreShit
  23. Midnight Mode and many more that you'll have to find out yourself.
CJ - Carl Johnson (The Protagonist in the game)

Procedure to Cheat in GTA SA Using Cleo App

Step 1: Download the zip file containing GTA San Andreas Apk mods preinstalled with Cleo app and the script files.
Step 2: Open the zip file - enter kefblog as password. Here you'll find two apk mods of different versions. Install v1.08. If this version did not work, try v2.00 on Android 7.0 above.
There are three things to note here:
  1. If you've already installed the GTA San Andreas game on your android phone, the new Apk file will likely overwrite the existing Apk file and that's ok.
  2. If however, you have the game already installed but the mod Apk failed to install, keep calm and backup your game obb files to a different folder, delete the game Apk then install the mod Apk of GTA SA with the backed up obb file and that's all. 
  3. If you don't have the game on your phone, just install the mod Apk preinstalled with Cleo instead of the original Apk file and copy the obb/data file to the necessary folder. You may need to check out our tutorial on how to install GTA San Andreas game for android.
Step 3: Once you have properly installed the mod Apk file, install the Cleo cheats' scripts by copying all the files in the script folder inside the zip file you downloaded above to Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa folder.
Copying the script files to com.rockstsrgames.gtasa in Android/data folder
If you can't find the com.rockstargames.gtasa folder inside the Android/data folder, that means you haven't played the game at all. All you have to do is to open the GTA San Andreas game, let it load, then close it and the folder will be automatically created.
  • Once you find this folder, copy all the script files into it.
That's it. Launch your game and start playing.

Available Controls In Cleo Menu
  • Swipe down from the top of the display screen to popup Cleo Menu where you can choose all the cheats you want.
  • Use Right, Left, Up and Down parts of your phone screen to navigate through the cheats.
  • Tap the center of the screen to select any cheat.
  • Swipe through or long press the Dismiss button to exit from Cleo Menu.
Note: Some cheats like CJ Immortality, Muscle upgrade and Stamina upgrade will be automatically applied after installing the script files.
GTA SA Cheater app icon

#2 - GTA SA Cheater (JCheater)

GTA SA Cheater also known as JCheater is a simple android app that can be used to apply cheat in GTA San Andreas game on android. It's limited in function when compared to Cleo but if Cleo failed to work for you then this is the best alternative to Cleo that can be used to apply GTA SA cheats on android.

Cheats Available In JCheater App
  1. Infinite Health and Armor
  2. Maximum Money
  3. Maximum Respect
  4. Unlimited Sprint 
  5. Different Weapon Sets + Unlimited Ammo
  6. You can adjust CJ's Muscle, Stamina, Body Fat and Sex Appeal to your liking.
  7. Car Spawn - You can spawn a vehicle that will be delivered to CJ's first safe house.
I really don't like this app when it comes to vehicle spawning because you can only spawn one vehicle at a time and the vehicle can only be delivered to CJ's first safe house in Ganton. Also, you'll have to reapply the cheat to the game everytime you want to spawn a new vehicle. Although you can do this without having to restart the game but you'll have to reload the Save Game.

How To Apply GTA SA Cheats Using JCheater App

This app uses the game you saved for applying the cheats. Which means you'll have to save your game first at CJ's safe house before you can use this app to apply cheats in GTA San Andreas game.
  • Go to CJ's safe house and pick up the diskette inside the house to save your game.
It's advisable to save a multiple instances of a game so you'll be on the safer side if the cheat failed to work.
  • Once you are done saving the game, download and install the GTA SA Cheater app by clicking here.
  • Open the app once installation completes.
  • Press Skip at the top of the page or scroll down and click Continue.
The app will list your Save Games and numbered them from the top slot.
How GTA SA Cheater app number your saved missions in GTA San Andreas game
  • Choose the Save Game you want to apply the cheats to.
  • Select all the cheats you'd like to apply and click Save.
  • Open the game and choose the Save Game you've  applied the cheat. You'll have to click Start Game and then Load Game buttons.
There you go!. Start enjoying the GTA San Andreas game with the amazing cheats you applied using JCheater app.

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And if you have any issue while installing, playing the game, applying the cheat or anything you would like to say, scroll to the comments section below and leave a comment. We'll reply as soon as possible. And don't forget to share our tutorial, Thanks.

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