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PiggyVest Referral Program: How to Earn Money and Cash Out

PiggyVest pays you 1000 Naira as sign up bonus and when you refer a new user to the app. Let's see how to claim your free bonus and also make money in the refer and earn program.
3000 Naira credit alert from PiggyVest
So many people have been asking the same questions about PiggyVest review - is it legit?, can you withdraw the referral bonus?. To answer these questions, I have to publish this tutorial so that everybody can benefit from the app. And with this guide, you'll be more than convinced that PiggyVest is 100% legit and you can cash out your money provided you follow the instructions correctly. However, it's not an easy task dude.


Previously referred to as PiggyBank, PiggyVest is a savings investment platform where you can put in money over a period of time after which you can withdraw the money and use it for your intended purpose. Example of this is "kolo" in Yoruba term. There are 5 kind of savings features in the app which allows you to keep your money until you're ready to use it. But we're going to need two of them to earn the referral money.

#1 - Safelock
Safelock lets you lock away any amount of money for a period of time (known as maturity date) - minimum of 10 days. During this period, you won't be able to withdraw the fund. Money in Safelock will be sent to Flex wallet immediately after the maturity date has been reached.

#2 - Flex Wallet
Flex wallet on the other hand gives you the freedom to keep your money and take it anytime you want however a minimum of 2000 Naira can only be withdrawn at a time.

These two savings features is all we need to benefit from the referral program and to cash out the registration bonus.

How to Get Free N1000 on PiggyVest

If you don't have an account yet, you need to register and get your free N1000 Safelock fund.
  • Register here and complete the registration with your details - BVN is required.
Don't fret!, PiggyVest is a secure platform and they've been around since 2016 with 2M+ users at the time of writing this article. The BVN is what is needed to verify your identity. Learn more.

How to Redeem your Free N1000 Bonus

On the homepage, click "Redeem your N1000". This will show you the two (2) required task for you to earn.

#1 - Send Money to your PiggyBank wallet:
  1. Go to Savings > Flex and copy your flex account number which is powered by Providus or WEMA bank (you must have added your BVN to complete this step).
  2. Now, go to any of your banking app and make a transfer of ₦100, select Providus or Wema (as the case may be) as bank name and enter the account number you copied earlier.
  3. Once the transfer is successful, you'll see the ₦100 in Piggybank wallet. First task completed ✅.
Add two Safelock features
#2 - Have a minimum of ₦1000 in two Savings Features:
  • To do this, you need to fund the flex wallet again but with two thousand naira (₦2,000) this time. No worries, you'll receive everything together including the referral money. 
  • Now, go to Savings > Safelock and Add a new Safelock, choose Flex wallet as Payment source, enter ₦1000 as the amount to save, select 10 days period and confirm.
Confirm 1000 Naira Safelock
  • Go back to the homepage and click "Redeem your N1000". Tap on the Redeem button to get the money into 10 days Safelock.
  • Now, you'll have ₦2000 in Safelock and ₦1000 in Flex wallet. Second task completed successfully ✅.
All you need to do now is to wait patiently for 10 days (your Safelock maturity days) to elapsed and you'll find 3000 Naira in your flex wallet which you can withdraw instantly to your bank account. You'll be notified by email once your money arrives.
Flex wallet balance is 3000 Naira

How to Withdraw your Earnings

  1. Go to Savings tab and tap on Flex wallet.
  2. Click Withdraw and fill out the field on the page.
  3. Tap on OTP verification to receive One Time Password by phone number registered with your PiggyVest account.
  4. Enter the OTP and confirm your withdrawal. You'll instantly be credited with the money.
3000 Naira withdrawal successful on PiggyVest, alert received
That's it. Enjoy. Don't forget to share this article.

How to Refer New Users to the App

  1. Log in on the app and on the homepage, scroll down and click "Refer and Earn" banner.
  2. Copy your referral/invite link and share with friends. Let them register and follow the above procedure to claim their registration bonus by which you'll also earn your referral bonus of N1000 paid into your flex wallet where you can easily withdraw the money to your bank account.
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As you can see, it's quite a tedious task to earn money online as it's the case for many other apps out there. However, it's confirmed here that PiggyVest is paying well and you can earn as much as you want by introducing new users to the app. Note that to earn referral bonus, your referred user must complete the steps aligned above. 

Also before you go, you need to keep in mind that PiggyVest reserved the right to stop this Referral Program without notifying the public. 

Do leave a message below if you've any question or any other thing to share with us regarding this app and its referral stuff.

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