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GTA 5: Download and Install GTA V Apk and OBB (Highly Compressed)

GTA version 5 also known as GTA V is one of the latest realeased versions of the Grand Theft Auto games series by Rockstar Games developer. It's officially available for PC and currently only the mod versions exist for Android device. Where to download without verification and how to install it are what we'll be looking at in this article.


GTA 5 is an open world action-adventure video game with various missions to accomplish, whose story centred on an individual in the city of Los Angeles. Just like other released versions of the series, you're to play the role of certain characters in the game being hunted by the police and street thugs while carrying out the missions consecutively. The three main protagonist are Michael De Santa (a bank robber), Franklin Clinton (a Street Gangster) and Trevor Philips (a drug dealer). You can navigate throughout the city by vehicle or on foot with various controls available, you'll play as both first person and third person in single and multiplayer modes. Missions include various robbery sequences, shooting and driving your way out every obstacles.

However, Rockstar Games did not release this version for Android devices. The ones presented below are mod version of the game produced by Third-party developer and the mod version of GTA San Andreas.

GTA V is not the only game released by Rockstar games, they've released many previous games such as GTA III, IV, liberty City Stories, San Andreas and from other series such as The Warriors and many others - most of which are available for Android. GTA 5 or V was recently re-produced early this year for support on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

Supported Android Versions:

The GTA 5 is supported on almost all android version from Android OS 5.0 to the latest OS. What you need to ensure is that your phone has enough RAM capacity of minimum of 2gb to handle the game properly. We have tested this game to be working perfectly on Android 11 so you can try it on version 12 and 13 and give us a feedback via the comment section below this post.

Procedure to Install and Play GTA 5 APK and OBB Data

  1. Download both the apk and obb from the given links below.
  2. Install the Apk but don't Open it.
  3. Download and install RAR archiver app from Google Play store and navigate to the folder you downloaded the obb data.
  4. Press and hold and click Extract files... from the popup menu, then click on Browse and navigate to select Android/obb folder.

  5. Press Ok to start extracting the data file.
  6. After successful extraction, open your app list and launch the GTA 5 game from there.
  7. Allow access to your phone storage to start playing.
If you're using android 11 and above, you may find it difficult to copy the data to the required obb folder, in this case, please check our article on how to extract OBB file on android 11.

GTA 5 Free Direct Download Link

To be able to install and play this game, you must download both the apk and the obb data and extract to the required folder through the below direct links (free, 100% working, no verification). There are three versions available for download;

1. GTA 5 Original OBB Data (2.6gb) with Apk Direct Link

This version of the game is the original mod GTA SA with obb file size of 2.6GB data and its mod Apk. You can install and start playing by following the above steps after successful download.

2. GTA 5 Apk with Highly Compressed OBB (90mb) Direct Link

This mod version is developed by R-User Games (third party android games developer), to look like the PC version but not exactly the same thing. For this version of the compressed data, you need to download a mod apk file and its highly compressed obb data of 91mb only, then follow the given procedure to set up the game and start playing on your phone.
Before installation, you need to first check your phone hardware type; 64 bits Arm7 or 32 bits x86 to select the version of the game that will be compatible with your phone.

How to check hardware type for compatibility
Download and install CPU-Z from Google Play Store, open and tap on "System" . Look for "Kernel Architecture" to find your processor bit; (64, Arm7) or (32, x86). Choose the correct game that corresponds to your hardware type after downloading the zip file then follow the above procedure to install the Apk and extract its compressed data file.

3. GTA 5 APK Only Direct Link

The is a single apk with its data already embedded, so just download, install and start playing - you don't need to extract anything to play it.

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