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How to Earn Free Palmpoints on PalmPay App

Some weeks ago, I published an article on how to earn lucky money on PalmPay app. And today, we're going to look at how to earn free Palmpoints on PalmPay.

What's PalmPay?

PalmPay is a payment app that rewards you on transactions performed on the app. PalmPay is the ideal app for anyone who love banking on the go. In few minutes, you get your account setup and running smoothly and you can start sending and receiving money across all banks in Nigeria right away.

P.S: We're are giving away free N100 airtime on PalmPay app for NEW USERS. Read on to learn how to get yours.

What are Palmpoints?

Palmpoints are rewards you earn when you perform transactions on the PalmPay app. Currently, one Palmpoint is equivalent to one Naira. However, Palmpoints can not be converted directly to Naira and withdraw to bank. The only way to use Palmpoints is when you're buying airtime or paying bills on the app. With Palmpoints, you can enjoy 50% discount on your airtime recharge and bill payment.

Earning Free Palmpoints on PalmPay App

There are some simple things you can do on PalmPay app which earn you lots of Palmpoints. I will show you some of them here.

#1 - Refer your friend and earn 300 Palmpoints

This is the greatest way to earn Palmpoints on PalmPay. When you refer your friends using your unique referral code, you earn 300 Palmpoints for each of your friends that also register on the app and perform a valid transaction. Transaction can be airtime recharge, bill payment, money transfer or any other service available on PalmPay.
Refer a friend and get 300 Palmpoints, your friend get 100 Palmpoints
Once your friends completed any of the transactions, you'll instantly be credited with 300 Palmpoints. Your friends also earn 100 Palmpoints upon successful registration which can be used to enjoy 50% discount on their first transactions.

How to Start Refer and Earn on PalmPay App

  • Download PalmPay app on Google Play Store and register with your phone number and my invitation code: G3RN4N.
  • Click "Open your Account" and you'll be given free 100 palmpoints to discount up to 50% off on your airtime recharge.
  • Now to top up free ₦100 airtime, read my article on how to get free ₦100 airtime recharged on your phone as your first transaction on the app.
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And to refer your friends to PalmPay app, go to homepage and click Invite Friends banner from to there. Copy your invite/referral code and share with your friends. You earn 300 Palmpoints each time a person register with your invite code and perform a valid transaction on the PalmPay app.

#2 - Fund your Account and Get 100 Palmpoints Every Week

When you fund your PalmPay account wallet with at least N1000 every week, you get 100 Palmpoints.
100 Palmpoints bonus received on PalmPay
Note: Money you sent to your PalmPay wallet can be withdrawn to your bank account without any charges.

Other Ways to Get Free Palmpoints

  1. Top Up Airtime and earn up to 15% cashbacks as palmpoints.
  2. Check in everyday during the PalmPay Anniversary to get free Palmpoints and Airtime coupons.
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That's all. In this article you've learned how to earn free Palmpoints on PalmPay app to enjoy discounts on your airtime recharges and bill payments. Why don't you tell us your experience with this amazing app in the comments section below?. Or are you lost somewhere in the middle of this article?, you can as well use the comments section below to tell us your issue with PalmPay app and we'll guide you through. Thanks for reading.

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