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How to Block your ATM Card/Bank Account in Case of Emergency

Immediately you found out someone else have an authorised access to your bank account or ATM Card and Pin, the necessary precaution is to block the account/ATM card as quick as possible. You can then go to your bank to activate the account or to get a new ATM card.

But this is not something you can do as quick as possible if your bank is not close to your area and before you ran over to your bank, something bad might have happened. So in this guide, you'll learn how to block your ATM card right on your mobile phone.
How to block your ATM Card (MasterCard/VISA/Verve) or bank account in case you lost control of your money

The following are different ways to block ATM card/bank account for some banks in Nigeria:
Note: NUBAN means your bank account number.
  • United Bank for Africa (UBA) - dial *919*10# on the phone number linked to your account.
  • Fidelity Bank - dial *770*911# on the phone number linked to your account.
  • Zenith Bank - dial *966*911# on any phone, enter your account number followed by your phone number then reply with 1 to confirm your request and block your Zenith bank account instantly. You can also block your ATM card on the Zenith Mobile App. Simply log in on the app, click Card then toggle the Active button and enter your Pin to deactivate your Zenith ATM Card.
You can easily block your Zenith Bank account ATM card right on the Zenith Bank mobile app

  • First Bank - send Block to 30012 via SMS on phone number registered with bank.
  • GTBank - dial *737*51*10# or sms HOTLIST NUBAN to 08076665555. Ex., HOTLIST 0109546780(where 0109546780 is your back account number).
  • Union Bank - send BLOCK CARD NUBAN to 20123.
  • EcoBank - text STOP ATM NUBAN to 0806326226.
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank - dial *909# on the phone number registered with your bank account, select My Bank and select Service Request then select Block Card to block your Stanbic Bank ATM card.
  • Access Bank - call +23412802500 or log on to the Access Mobile App, click the MENU button, select Cards and Cheques >> Cards >> Manage Card then enter your account number and click Block Card.

The three quick steps to block your Access Bank ATM card right on the Access Bank mobile app installed on your phone

  • Polaris Bank - call +2341270850.
  • Wema Bank - call 08039003700.
  • Key Stone Bank - call 23470020003000.
  • Sterling Bank - call 070078378464.
  • FCMB Bank - call + 2342798800.

Knowing how to Block your account(or ATM Card) is very important because in times of emergency running to the bank might be too late more especially during weekend.

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