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MTN Cheapest Data Bundle: How to Get 1GB Data For 200 Naira on MTN (Latest working method 2020)

MTN 1GB for 200 Naira is the cheapest data plan on MTN that everybody would like to subscribe for even though MTN didn't make this cheap data subscription available for every subscribers.

The problem of eligibility for the MTN 1gb for 200 is what we've been battling for a while now. If you noticed in our previous article, I emphasized on how to be eligible for the 1gb for 200 even though it's a little bit hard to do.
Get 1gb for as low as 200 Naira. Validity is 7 days
But there is a good news!. In this article, I will show you how you can easily subscribe for the 1gb for 200 data plan without having to go through the process of keeping your MTN sim for 30 days to be eligible for Welcome Back Offer (*131*65#). Alright, Let's dive in!.

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  • How to get MTN 1gb data for 200,
  • How to subscribe for MTN 1gb for 200 weekly data plan,
  • how to be eligible for MTN 1gb data for 200 (*131*65#).
This article will answer all your queries and at the end I hope you will smile and like this post😊.

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MTN4ME/MTN Mega Deal

Let's talk about it. MTN4ME otherwise known as MTN Mega Deal Zone on MyMTN app is a special bonus offer that gives you cheap airtime & data deals. In this special data deal, you will find the 1gb for 200 Naira subscription. So, the new way to get the MTN 1gb data for 200 Naira is by subscribing for the MTN data offers 4ME. This cheap data subscription is also available on MyMTN app as Mega Deal.

MTN 1gb for 200 Naira is a weekly data subscription that gives you 1024MB (1GB) Data to surf the internet as you like for a period of 7 days. You can use this data to browse on any of your installed without the need of a VPN. Browse and download for one week but don't forget you have got only 1gb data.

Procedure to Get MTN 1gb for 200 Naira (using Code)

  1. Recharge airtime worth of 200 Naira airtime.
  2. Go to your phone app and dial *131*9# or *121# on your MTN line.
  3. Reply with 2 to select MTN data offers 4ME deals. Here you will find the 1gb for 200 Naira and 200mb for 50 Naira weekly data plans.
  4. Select your preferred data plan and reply with 1 to activate the MTN 1gb data for 200 Naira only. Validity is 7 days. Dial *131*4# to check data balance.
MTN 1gb for 200 Naira weekly data bundle balance notification from 131
This subscription code has been tested on more than four MTN Sims and the 1GB for 200 weekly data plan is 100% available so I believe it should work for you too. You can subscribe more than once for this cheap data plan and get more data - 2gb data for N400, 5gb for N1000 and so on. You can also activate the MTN 1gb for 200 on MyMTN app.

Procedure to Get MTN 1gb for 200 Naira on MyMTN app

  1. Recharge your MTN line with ₦200 airtime.
  2. Log in on MyMTN app and from the homepage tap on Mega Deal Zone.
  3. Tap on Bundle egg to crack it and unleash the 1gb data for 200 Naira.
  4. Click on "Accept" to activate this cheap data bundle.
Activate MTN  1gb for 200 Naira on MyMTN app

How to Check your Data Balance

  • To check the data balance for the MTN 1gb for 200 Naira, simply go to your phone app and dial *131*4# or send "2" as a text message to "131". Dialing *556# will also show you your remaining data balance.
After dialing the above short code, you will receive a notification showing the remaining data balance for the 1gb for 200 Naira as well as the Expiry Date & time of this cheap data plan.

I believe you are now able to get the MTN 1gb for ₦200 only. If you benefit from this article, do leave a comment below and share this post with your friends.

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