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How to Resume Failed Download in UC Browser

"Retrying...", "Speeding up your download...", "Link expired". All these are known errors you can encounter when downloading large files with this powerful browser called UC Browser. Any of these can occur because of the following reasons;
  1. Sudden change in Network Connection and
  2. When trying to resume paused Downloads.

A Quick Fix Before Download Error Occurs

A change in Network Connection could be caused by bad network signal or exhaustion of data. When any of these happens, the best thing to do right away is to paused the current download and when the network is back or when you have data, you can resume the download without any problem.

But if it takes too long for you to realise what is wrong with your download or you tried to resume your paused Download in UC browser after a long period of time, then it's very likely that you will be stuck with download error. So, let's see how to fix these errors.

UC Browser

UC Browser is one of most popular browsers available on almost every device today. Even though this browser does not come preintstalled on android phones like Chrome, it has gotten over 500 million downloads on Google Play Store.

And when it comes to downloading large files, you'll realized the Google Chrome is just not designed for this purpose, UC Browser comes handy in this case. The increased browsing & downloading speed and the ability to handle network change during downloads makes UC Browser acknowledged as the most powerful browser by many smartphone users. And if you ask me, whenever I want to download large files such as Game's Data File and Videos, UC browser is my choice.

Even still, these downloading errors is what we've to be faced with.

How to Fix Download Errors in UC Browser

I'll assume you already have a file you're currently trying to resume the download but you are seeing "Retrying...", "Link expired" or "Speeding up your download...". Below is the procedure to fix these problems.
Important: At times, UC browser creates a temporary file to handle the download progress of some files. The temp file is usually in .dltemp or .cfg format. So this file is what we're going to need here to resume the download.

Can you resume Download in UC Browser without .dltemp file? The answer is NO!. But ADM is an android app that can handle download pause and resume without any extra file. For any of your future downloads, you can try ADM. I'm writing a tutorial on how resume failed download in ADM very soon, you can subscribe here for free if you don't want to miss our latest news.

Procedure to Resume Failed Download in UC Browser

Step 1: Pause the download.
Pause the failed download file
Step 2: Go to your file manager and navigate to UCDownloads folder.
Backup your failed download files
Step 3: Back up your failed Download to a different folder. You'll find two files - one with the correct format and the other is .dltemp or .cfg. Copy both.
Delete the failed download file

Step 4: Go to UC Browser and Delete the failed Download.
Download a new file
Step 5: Download the same file again from the same website you downloaded it before but pause the new download after a few MBs has been downloaded.
Pause the new Download file
Step 6: And from your file manager app, Copy the two files you backed up earlier to UCDownloads folder.
Copy both files into UCDownloads folder
Step 7: Now, resume the download in UC browser and it'll continue from the break point.
Resume your Download now and it will continue from where it failed
So, that's the working method to resume any failed download in UC browser. If this guide has helped you then it's worth sharing. Do leave a message in the comment box if you're still facing any issue while downloading your files with UC. Thanks for reading.

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