Get Up To 1GB For 100 Naira Only When You Migrate To Airtel SmartTrybe Get Up To 1GB For 100 Naira Only When You Migrate To Airtel SmartTrybe - Kefblog Tech Solutions

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Get Up To 1GB For 100 Naira Only When You Migrate To Airtel SmartTrybe

This plan is just for heavy downloading for those who will not mind waking up at the middle of the night to browse.
Airtel SmartTrybe amazing offers on the pop up window
I think we all know Airtel SmartTrybe is not a new tariff plan as it has been available for sometime now being the best tariff plan for all smartphone users because it has some great data plan deals that everybody will love. Airtel SmartTrybe not only gives you special offers on your data subscription but also gives you cheapest call rate all day long.

This is a list of amazing offers you can enjoy once you migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe tariff plan:
  1. Cheap call rate at 11k/sec all day after the first 50 seconds.
  2. Trybe Special Data - it gives you 1gb for ₦500 only which lasts for 7 days.
  3. Trybe Night Plan - gives you 250mb for 25 Naira only which you can accumulate as much as you want and get up to 1gb for 100 Naira and more.
Initially, the Airtel Night plans gives 1.5gb for ₦50 and 500mb for ₦25 but later the 1.5gb plan was cut off and we have been enjoying the 500mb plan since then along with MTN Night plan of 500mb also for ₦25 even though none of these Network Providers allows users to subscribe more than once per night.

However, Airtel recently reduced the 500mb to 250mb for the same price following MTN that reduced their own Night plan long ago. But what makes the difference is that, for the Airtel Night plan, you can subscribe again and again during one night and get more data until you're satisfied.
Popup box showing successful activation of 250mb Airtel night plan for 25 Naira
Don't mind the message showing "Dial *140# to view your balance". If you dial the code, you'll only get a message that you have no data bundle. I used to track my night bundle balance through Data Usage in my phone Settings to know how much data I have used up.
What I don't like about the Airtel Night plan is that there's no way to check your data balance. But nevertheless, with the increased browsing speed of their wider 4G LTE network coverage, I believe the night plan is worth subscribing for.

How To Start Enjoying Special Offers On Airtel SmartTrybe

  • Migrate to this plan by dialling *312# and reply with 1. Once you migrated successfully, you'll start enjoying cheap call rates to all networks in Nigeria.
  • To get 1gb for 500 Naira, dial *312# and reply with 2. Your data bundle is available all times (both Night and day) within the validity period of 7 days.
  • To get 1gb for 100 Naira , subscribe up to 4 times for the Night plan of 250mb for 25 Naira by dialling *312# and reply with 3. Your data bundle is valid from 12am to 5am.
Note that you can still subscribe for more data if the 1gb data can not satisfy your need. I don't think there's a limit to how much you can subscribe for because I was able to subscribe up to 5 times and I got 1250mb which I have used more than 1gb as shown in the screenshot below;
Screenshot showing data usage of more than 1gb data used on Airtel Night browsing
This Airtel Night plan is greatly recommended if you have something heavy to download and you wouldn't mind waking up at night for a couple of hours.

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