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MTN And Airtel Night Plans: Subscribe and Get 500MB For Just 50 Naira

MTN and Airtel Night Plans are the best night browsing plans among other networks in Nigeria. Their network is fast and very stable especially when downloading or surfing the internet.
MTN and Airtel Night Plans, how to get 500mb for N50 only

MTN Night Plan

MTN offered cheap and affordable night browsing Data Plan for their subscribers on MTN Pulse. The data plan can be used only in the night to Download, Browse, Surf, Stream videos and of course, it can be used on modem, computer, game consoles and many other devices that can access the internet.

But, you have to be on the MTN Pulse tariff plan to enjoy the night browsing on MTN Network.

Features & Benefits of Migrating  to MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

With MTN Pulse you get access to lots of amazing offers which includes;
  • Cheap call rate @ 11k/secs to all networks in Nigeria after the first 50secs of the day @25k/secs. This means you'll be enjoying 11k/secs on all your calls throughout the day after using up ₦12.50 during the day.
  • Pulse Nightlife bundles of 250MB for 25 Naira only and 500MB for 50 Naira only. You can only get up to 500MB during one night which means you can subscribe twice for the 250MB Nightlife bundle but once for the 500MB bundle. 
Nightlife Bundle is also referred to as Happy Hour Data
  • Pulse Instabinge bundles to access Instagram all day at special rates. You can subscribe for 250MB instabinge bundle @ ₦100 or 1GB @ ₦200.
  • Doubled data bonus on weekly bundle of 500MB for 500 Naira. You'll get a total of 1GB which includes 500MB 100% data bonus.
  • Data bonus on all your recharge once during the week. You'll get 10MB on recharge of ₦100 and 20MB on recharge of ₦200 or above.
Amazing benefits you can enjoy on MTN Pulse

How To Activate MTN Nightlife Bundles

  1. Migrate to MTN Pulse by dialing *406#.
  2. Dial the above short code again and reply with 4 or dial *406*4#.
  3. Select your preferred nightlife bundle by replying with 1 or 2 then reply with 1 to confirm your subscription.
Alternatively, you can subscribe by sending NT1 or NT2 as text message to 131 where NT1 is for the 250MB nightlife bundle and NT2 for 500MB bundle.

You should receive a message as shown below;
"Activation of 250MB MTN Pulse nightlife bundle @N25 was successful. Bundle can only be used from 12am to 5am. You can only purchase upto 500MB. Enjoy!"
That's it! You can wait till 12:00AM and enjoy your happy hours!

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Airtel Night Plan

Airtel SmartTRYBE is the plan to activate so as to enjoy the cheap night browsing. Airtel SmartTRYBE is a new product from Airtel that offers best rate of data and calls to all networks and also gives out cheap and affordable night browsing access to watch films, series and others. This Tariff plan can be activated easily by old and new customers. With their amazing benefits, you will love it even more than other Tariff plans on Airtel. So let's see its benefits and migration code.
Amazing benefits you can enjoy on Airtel SmartTrybe

Benefits Of Airtel SmartTRYBE Tariff Plan

  • You can make calls at 11k/sec to all networks after the first 50 secs @ 25k/secs.
  • It has a weekly plan of 500Naira For 1GB that lasts for complete 7days.
  • You can enjoy night browsing of 250MB for ₦25.
  • You will always get 5MB for 100Naira at first recharge of the week and the second recharge will give you 15MB.

How To Activate Airtel Night Plan Bundle

All existing, new and prepaid customers can enjoy this offer by:
  1. Dialing *312# and reply with 1 to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe tariff plan.
  2. Now dial the above short code again and reply with 3 to subscribe for the Night bundle which is valid from 12am to 5am.
Airtel cheap night bundle - you have received 250mb

Which is better between the two Night Plans?
Now, Let us compare some features of the two night plans so you can choose the one that best fits for you.
  1. Network Signal: Consider the network strength in your area first.
  2. Multiple Subscription: Currently, Airtel allows their users to subscribe more than once for the night bundle.
  3. Bundle Balance: You can check the available balance of your MTN Nightlife bundle at anytime during the night by dialling *406*4# and reply with 3 or dial *559*96#.
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That's all. With this, you will be able to browse and enjoy your sleepless nights on the internet streaming, downloading and surfing.

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