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Google Play Store App Downloading & Updating Issue - How to Fix

Are you getting error message while trying to download or update an app on Google Play Store?. In this article, we're going to look at how to fix it.
error message "can't update app" in Google play store
I think we all know Google Play Store is the no 1 app store for android users. Millions of free and paid apps with ease of download, install and update on your android phone. If you want the most out of your phone then you must get yourself very familiar with this preintstalled app store by Google which has an amazing feature of automatically and oftenly scanning your installed apps for malware so you can easily uninstall any harmful app that poses risk to your device. This feature is know as Play Protect and will let you get notified of any security risks found during scanning.

Sure!, you need a Google account to start using Google play store so my article on how to create a free Google account might come very handy.

But some are having issue with Google Play Store and can't download or update app from this popular app store.

This issue usually comes up after a number of times of using the Google Play Store app. You might have been using the Google Play Store app to download, install and update your favorite apps as you like and one day, you log in on the app and try to install or update an app as usual but what did you see?. You're faced the error notification "Can't install app", "Can't update app" or you got stock with "waiting for download" or "download pending". So, let's see how you can fix these errors.
Error fixed for Google play store app

How to Fix Google Play Store Errors

#1 Fix: Wait for Google Play Updates

If you're seeing the message "waiting for download" or "download pending", the first thing to do is to wait. Just for few minutes though. But what are you waiting for?. It's likely that the Google play store app is updating itself or the Google play service library in background or maybe you've enabled auto update of your installed apps. You can check your notification if there is any installation going on and cancel it from there or Open the Menu tab, tap on My Apps and cancel all apps pending updates.

#2 Fix: Restart Google Play Store App

Sometimes, just restarting the Google Play store app will fix the issue. You need to cancel all the apps you are trying to install, close the Google Play Store app and clear it from Recent list. Reopen and try again.
Restart Google play store app or Restart your phone to fix error

#3 Fix: Restart your Phone

If restarting the Google Play store app didn't fix the issue, try restarting your phone.

#4 Fix: Clear Cache & Data for Google Play Store App

This is the ultimate solution that has worked for many users and fixes all known errors in Google Play Store app. Clearing any android app's Cache and Data usually fixes any error encountered in the app.
Clear app data to fix any error encounter in Google play store
To do this, you need to:
  1. Go to Settings and tap on Apps and Notification.
  2. Click See all Apps to view all your installed apps. If you just opened the Google Play store app, you may find it in Recently Opened Apps list. I guessed you know what I mean dude.
  3. Tap on Google Play Store app and click on Storage then click Clear Data or Clear Storage.
  4. Now open the Google Play Store app, login your account and download or update any app you want to.
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So that's it. If this guide has helped you fix issue you are facing with Google Play Store app, kindly give us a like in the comments section below and share this article. Thanks for reading.

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