Latest Amazing Offers; 4.6GB For ₦200 And How To Flash With ZERO Balance Latest Amazing Offers; 4.6GB For ₦200 And How To Flash With ZERO Balance - Kefblog Tech Solutions

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Latest Amazing Offers; 4.6GB For ₦200 And How To Flash With ZERO Balance

Screenshot showing data balance of 4.6gb(4608mb) data

I think this year is to be called the year of promo with the network providers in Nigeria unleashing various amazing offers. Airtel Nigeria is also taking part in this promotion and they have been unleashing some interesting bonus offers which we are going to discuss here.

Airtel Nigeria is one of the largest network operators in Nigeria with the widest 3.75G in the country. If you have used an Airtel line to browse before, then you will agree with me that their browsing speed is super fast. Everyone owning a smartphone today must also posses a Airtel line to enjoy amazing offers which were released purposely for smartphone users. I think we all know their tagline; ...the smartphone network. If you don't have an Airtel sim card then you need to get one.

About the MTN Night bundle which we have been enjoying for some time now. But not long ago, MTN reduced the data value for this plan from 500mb for ₦25 to 125mb for the same price. This is just too much. When I just got the message on my phone, I'm just like... you know, WHAT IS EVEN WRONG WITH THIS PEOPLE, ehn?!. But, that is just that for we still have Airtel Night plan rocking well with 500mb for ₦25 only.
Popup menu to subscribe for Airtel night plan 500mb for 25 naira
  • To subscribe to the Airtel Night plan, dial *312# and follow the instruction prompt.
NOTE: You must first migrate to Airtel SmartTRIBE by dialing the above short code.
The validity period for this plan is 24 hours but can be used only between 12am to 5am. I think that makes it even better than MTN Night plan since you can still used up your unfinished data in the next night provided the 24 hours limit is not exceeded.

So now, back on today's topic. I will be introducing some bonus offers which you can also enjoy on your Airtel line.
  1. Get 4.6gb For ₦200 only
  2. Airtel Recharge Plus: Get 1GB Free
  3. StarLogik: Flash without airtime

How To Get 4.6GB For ₦200 Only

  • Go to your messaging app and text GET to 141.
If you received the message as shown below then you are good to go. Else, you are not eligible for this offer. You can retry on a different phone.
Congratulation message from Airtel to get Doubled Data Bonus
Once you received the above message, just buy a recharge card of ₦200.
  • Then recharge using *143*. In other words, dial *143*RecargeCardPin# e.g *143*4534565998076679# 
  • Don't think that is a free card. Lol.
  • To check your data balance dial *223#. And viola! You got your free 4.6GB.
The validity period for this plan is 30 days and you accumulate this bonus as much as you want.

How To Get Free 1GB For The Month Of October

You can also enjoy a whooping 1GB free for this month of October capped at 250mb per week.
  • Just dial *479# and you will receive a message as shown below.
Message from Airtel to recharge 300 Naira and get 1gb
If you received a message similar to the one shown above, then all you have to do is to meet your weekly goal by recharging up to the stated amount and you will be given a free 250mb which expires 11:59pm on Sunday of the week. Dial *123# to check your available balance.

StarLogik: How To Flash With Zero Balance

StarLogik is a feature introduced by Airtel to allow their subscribers to flash a number without any airtime. So you can now flash a number even when you have zero balance. This is a very amazing offer to me and a very interesting one indeed for you can flash any number even on other network; MTN, Glo or Etisalat without airtime.

How To Use StarLogik
  • Simply dial **phonenumber e.g **08168156922

BONUS: How To Disable Any Service On Your Airtel Sim

Do you have any unwanted service running on your Airtel line and deducting your money daily, weekly or monthly?. Keep calm, It's quite easy to unsubscribe from any service on Airtel.
  • Just dial *902# and follow the instruction that follows.
That's all. Enjoy!.

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