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Free N100 Airtime to All New Users on PalmPay

₦100 airtime top up successful
Before reading this article, you need to know what PalmPay app is all about as we have published an article on how to get registered on PalmPay app and earn money.

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So, if this is your first time using PalmPay app on your phone and you've followed the steps written in the above article to register as a PalmPay users using my referral code, even if you are unable to perform a valid transaction on the app, you're still eligible to get free ₦100 airtime for your first transaction on the app.

This is how...

Once you've completed the registration process using my invitation code, you should message me with the phone number you used to register. I'll then confirm that you've used my code to register on the app and send ₦50 to the registered phone number. All you need to do then is to recharge airtime worth of ₦100 using your Palmpoints to enjoy 50% discount. Remember you've earned free 100 Palmpoints upon successful registration. So, ₦50 will be deducted from your PalmPay account wallet and ₦50 from your Palmpoints. That's it.
PalmPay homepage, N50 in account wallet with 100 Palmpoints

Procedure to follow:

  • Register on PalmPay app using my referral code if you haven't. Read the article here.
  • DM me on WhatsApp with the phone number registered with your PalmPay account.
  • Once I confirmed that you used my code to register on PalmPay. You'll get ₦50 in your PalmPay account wallet.
  • Go to homepage on the PalmPay app and you'll see the ₦50 in your account wallet.
  • Click Top up Airtime from there and select ₦100 airtime. 
  • Toggle ON Points to Use to use up 50 Palmpoints from your Palmpoints balance.
Recharge N100 airtime, kindly select Points to Use to get 50% discount using your Palmpoints
There you go!. Your phone number will be credited with the ₦100 airtime.

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