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MTN Welcome Back Offer: Get 1GB Data For 200 Naira and 4GB for 1000 Naira on MTN

Screenshot showing successful activation of weekly 1gb data plan for 200 Naira only
Hello friends, this is yet another amazing way to subscribe for the cheapest data plan on MTN. Yes, it is the MTN Welcome Back offer!, subscribe now and get whooping 1gb data for just 200 Naira only which lasts for 7 days and the 4gb data for 1000 Naira lasts for 30 days.

Some days ago, I published an article here on how you can get doubled data bonus on MTN Data Subscriptions without tweaking your phone IMEI. You only need to activate a new MTN sim and you'll be getting access to various exciting airtime and data bonus offers.

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So today, I'll be bringing you the cheapest data subscription that you have probably been aware of but may be finding it really hard to subscribe to because of the eligibility requirement that is not known.

In the past, this offer is regarded as MTN Deal Zone where only some MTN subscribers are eligible for this offer and no one knows the eligibility criteria. And now, the plan has been upgraded to MTN Welcome Back Offer.
Screenshot showing the MTN Welcome Back data plans; 250MB three days plan cost 100 Naira, 1GB weekly plan costs 200 Naira and 4GB monthly plan cost 1000 naira

What's MTN Welcome Back?

MTN Welcome Back is a special bonus offer from MTN which rewards eligible MTN subscribers with 300% airtime recharge bonus and cheap data plans of 1gb for 200 Naira, 4gb for 1000 Naira and more. Eligible MTN subscribers are those that have not used their MTN Sim to call, sms or browse for a complete 30 to 180 days period 

With the MTN Welcome Back data bonus offer, you'll be able to enjoy the following cheap data bundles:
  1. 250MB for N100 with 3 days validity period.
  2. 1GB for N200 with 7 days validity period and
  3. 4GB for N100 with 30 days validity period.
As you see, these are the cheapest data plans everybody would like to subscribe for if eligible. Especially the 1gb for ₦200 only, if you do the calculations very well, you'll realised that it's even cheaper than the 4gb for ₦1000.

As a matter of fact, there is no data plan that's cheaper than these MTN Welcome Back data offers except the MTN Night plans. And considering the validity period, I believe they are the best data plans you can ever subscribe for. But of course you have to be eligible to enjoy these amazing offers.

How to Subscribe for MTN Welcome Back Data Offer

To start enjoying cheap data offers,
  • Dial *131*65# and select your preferred MTN Welcome Back data plan from the popup menu. 
To know whether you are eligible to enjoy MTN Welcome Back offers or not, try subscribing for any of the available plans by replying with 1, 2 or 3 and then follow the instruction prompt. If you finally got a message that you have insufficient balance to subscribe for the plan, it means you're eligible to enjoy the Welcome Back Data Offer. Otherwise, you're not.
  • To subscribe for MTN Welcome Back, simply recharge your MTN line with the appropriate amount of airtime and dial the above short code again to get 1GB data for 200 Naira, 4GB for 1000 Naira or 250MB data for 100 Naira only. You can also subscribe by sending WBD2 to 131 for the 1gb weekly plan and WBD3 for the 4gb monthly plan.
Activation of welcome back data successful
If you are not eligible, kindly read below to know what you need to do to be eligible for the MTN Welcome Back offers.

How to be Eligible for MTN Welcome Back Offers

To be eligible for the MTN Welcome Back Offer (*131*65#), all you have to do is register and activate a new MTN sim or you can use a MTN SIM that you rarely use, then remove from your phone and keep it somewhere for 30 to 180 days. You may also decide to leave the Sim Card inside your phone but ensure you don't make calls, receive calls, send message or browse with it for the complete 30 to 180 days period. Once the wait is over, insert your MTN SIM card back into your phone and start enjoying the offers specifically designed for you (MTN Welcome Back!).

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How To Check Welcome Back Data Balance

It is the normal way of checking MTN data balance. Simply dial *131*4# or send 2 as a text message to 131 and you'll receive your data balance notification immediately.

How to Enjoy MTN Welcome Back Recharge Bonus Offer

To start enjoying 300% airtime bonus on all your recharges,
  • Dial *131*66# and follow the instruction prompt to opt in. If you recharged ₦100, you'll get ₦300 airtime bonus to call any network for 7 days and also TGIF 150MB data to enjoy on Friday of the week. 
  • ₦200 recharge gives you ₦600 airtime bonus, ₦300 gives ₦900 and so on. 
  • Kindly note that your airtime will be automatically converted to bonus immediately you made the recharge.
  • To opt out of this plan, send NOWBO as text message to 131.

How to Check MTN Welcome Back Recharge Bonus Balance

Dial *559*65# and you'll get your recharge bonus balance right in the popup window.

I think with this cheap MTN data plans and recharge bonuses, it is now worthwhile for those that are not using MTN sim to buy one now and start using it as far as the network signal is good in their area.

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