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Best Alternatives For Dramania App - How To Download Asian Dramas and Movies

How To Download Asian Dramas And Movies on your smartphone or PC and how to fix the issue of dramania app not working on android
You love k-drama right?. Yes, you may want to get your favourite videos downloaded on your device so you'll be able to watch them when you are offline. So today, I'll be showing you with detailed guide and video tutorials how to download any Asian (Korean, Japanese, Chinese) drama or movie to your phone, tablet or computer for free and how to fix the Dramania app not working issue for those that are already aware of this amazing android app.

Dramania Android App

The Dramania app is a free android app that can be used to stream and download tons of Asian dramas and movies out there with English subtitles. It's one great app for android that allows users to download their favourite (Korean, Japanese, China) TV shows for offline viewing, I think it's currently the only one.
dramania app not working properly
Dramania is the best app to download Korean drama and movies with English subtitles for free on your android phone. But based on what I have experienced with the app, there are some issues that come up once you start using the app. One of the issue is that your video downloads is not stable b'cos this app uses the default android system Download manager to download the videos. Actually, we've rectified this issue on this platform so you can check out our guide on how to make your video downloads stable when using the Dramania app.
Read Now: How To Make Video Downloads Stable On Dramania App

Another issue which leads to the reason why this post was published is that the download links of the videos will stopped working. This is quite obvious as you'll notice the app listing the video parts in a strange format and you'll find out after clicking them that these videos download links are not working.

To solve this issue of Dramania app not working, we'll first try to fix the app itself and if that doesn't works, we'll go for the best alternatives for the Dramania app.

#1 Fix - How To Fix The Dramania App

  1. Ensure the app is up to date. Check here for the latest version released.
  2. Dramania works great when the network is very good so ensure the network strength in your area is very ok.
  3. Now, make a backup of the app apk file. Then, uninstall the app and reinstall from the backed up file.
  4. Launch the app and check if you've got the issue fixed.

#2 Fix - The Best Alternatives For Dramania App

Dramagalaxy is the website owning the Dramania app. They are the developer of this app and this website is the best way to download the videos available on the app. In fact, the app was specifically designed to make the video downloading easy. So, it's the first place to go once you are finding it hard to use the app to download the videos.
download Korean drama or movie on dramagalaxy website
Similar to Dramania app, Dramagalaxy is a great website for streaming tons of Asian (Korean, Japanese & Chinese) dramas and movies online. And with the guide below, you'll be able to download your favourite videos to your phone or computer.
While Dramania app can only be used to download videos on android phone, Dramagalaxy on the other hand can be used to download videos on any smartphone or computer.

How To Download Asian Dramas and Movies on Dramagalaxy

To start downloading from this website, we'll be using one of the most popular web browser named UC Browser.

UC Browser is the best browser I have used so far for downloading videos on Dramagalaxy. The main reason why I love UC Browser when it comes to downloading videos on the website is because, websites that contain autoplay videos can consume considerable amount of data by playing videos you may not intended to play automatically, for this, UC Browser will asks for permission before playing video automatically on any website if you are browsing with your phone on mobile network. This is very useful as it saves a lot of data that would have been wasted unnecessarily by these kind of videos.

Procedure to Download Videos on Dramagalaxy:
  • Click here to download and install UC Browser app if you don't have it already installed on your device.
  • When installation completes, launch the app and go to
  • Use the search bar at the top right side of the page to find your favourite video.
  • Click on any of the episode of the video you want to download. Once the page loads completely, a list of playlists to stream the video will appear on the page.
  • Click Close & Continue button inside Playlist 1 to close the Ad and continue loading the video. A popup will then appear showing if you would like to continue playing the video on mobile network when you are not connected to WiFi network on your phone.
  • Click Cancel from the popup and Download button will appear inside the video after a few seconds.
  • If the download button did not appear inside the video, try other playlists or update the UC Browser app to the latest version.
  • Click the download button and the video will be added to your download list.
  • Since all the videos are divided into parts, navigate to the other parts of the video and use above procedure to download them to your device.
  • Once you have downloaded all the parts for the episode, use the link above the playlists to navigate to the next episode.
If you still can't get it right, kindly watch the video guide below:
Please note that, the same procedure as analyzed above is applicable for those using their computer/laptop to browse the website.

This is yet another great website that can be used to download Asian dramas and movies to your phone or computer.
download Korean dramas on Kissasian website
I won't talk much on this, but there are two interesting things that I'd like to let you know about this website.

One is that,
  • For ongoing TV shows, you'll be updated with the airing date of the next episode.
And the other is,
  • Unlike Dramagalaxy, the video episodes are not divided into parts. So, one video for one episode and that's normal. Why THEY have to divide the episodes into parts in the first place, huh?🤔... not sure.

How To Download Asian Dramas & Movies On Kissasian

  • Go to from your browser and use the search box on the website to find your video.
  • Tap on the video title and click any of the episodes.
  • Choose your preferred server from the list of servers displayed at the top and scroll down to find the download link(s). I prefer Beta server and FB server(if available) to others.
  • Click on the download link to download your video. You may be redirected to another website where you will be able to download the video.
Watch the video guide below:
So, that's it. The ultimate guide to download Asian dramas and movies on your phone, tablet or computer and how to fix the issue of Dramania app not working.

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  1. Please, the kissasian site isn't showing download

  2. When downloading videos on kissasian, ensure you logged in and select FB server.

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