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Opera News Shake And Win 2019 - Start Earning Money Now By Simply Shaking Your Phone

I hope you still remember the Opera News last year, when we shake our phones and earn money for real. Opera News is here again this year with over 200 Million Naira prizes to celebrate the AFCON 2019 for all Nigerians. If you've got a phone then you've got the chance to win amazing prizes by simply shaking your phone.
Opera News shake your phone to earn
Opera News is an android app that can be used to stay up to date with the latest trends. If you don't like to miss anything out of latest football and entertainment news, then you need this app to satisfy your need. It's a completely personalised news app that lets you follow trending topics, share and view the latest videos and keep current with local and global news.

Features Of This App

  1. Top News - Daily headlines from over 500 leading publishers.
  2. Personalised News - Stay up to date with news specialy tailored for you.
  3. Instaclips - A collection of the latest trending videos for you to enjoy.
  4. Data Saving - Save up to 80% on data usage with the Opera Turbo Engine.
  5. Follow - Select your favourite topics to customise your news feed.
  6. Search Bar - Search for topics, articles or people and browse popular trends.
  7. Offline Reading - Save stories on your phone and enjoy them while you are offline.

What's More?
You can now start earning money easily simply by shaking your phone.
Congratulations you have won ₦20 cash prize

Opera News Shake And Win 2019

Opera News has reintroduced the mini game Shake and Win to the app in celebration of the African Cup of Nations in 2019. Throughout the duration of the Shake and Win campaign, you have the chance to win split prizes of over 200 Million Naira including cash prizes, vouchers, and other surprising gifts that you obviously will not want to miss.

Last year, during the football World Cup, Opera News gave away 54 Million prizes and rewarded more than one million people across Africa through Shake and Win. This year they want to bring this experience back to their users and make them lucky winners again.

What's New In This Year Edition?

For this year’s edition, they introduced a new competition mode based on four rounds starting on June 21 to July 19. The first day you enter one of the rounds, you will have a total of 15 shakes for free and five daily shakes on the following days until a new round starts.

Each rounds complete after 10 days period except the first round of 8 days period and your prizes will be available for withdrawal the day following the end of each round. This means that for the first round you will be able to withdraw your cash prize on June 29, for the second round on July 9 and for the third and fourth round on July 19.

How To Start Shaking And Winning Your Lucky Prizes

To start playing Shake and Win,
Link to download Opera News app to your phone
  • Download and install Opera News app by clicking the below download button. Copy my invite code from the page.
  • After successful installation, launch the app.
  • Go to Me Page and click My Prize. Here you will find a banner to "Enter your invite code" if you have not downloaded Opera News app before.
  • Enter my invite code(V0KPA3) and click Get button so we can both earn a gold card.
  • Now, tap on "Shake and Win" banner inside the Opera News app homepage or go to the "Me page" and tap the "Click to share ₦200 million" banner to start the mini game. 
On the Me Page tap click to share 200 million

There are two ways to become a winner in this game of chance:

1. Completing Puzzles
Complete all nine pieces of the puzzle in Opera News to collect a cash prize. With every shake you get the chance to collect the missing pieces of the puzzle or you can complete the puzzle with a rare gold card. Those who complete the puzzle will become winners of real cash from the shared cash prize bucket.

2. Win Gifts Directly From Your Shakes
You can also win other prizes along the way like ORide and Supabets vouchers without having to complete a puzzle first.

Oops! What If You Run Out Of Shakes For The Day?

If you ran out of shakes in one day you can invite more people to play by clicking "Earn Now" once the "Earn More Shakes" banner appears.
Click Earn Now to earn more shakes if you ran out of your daily shakes
You can also earn more prizes by referring new users to the app using your referral link and invite code.
If you know the trick you can earn 8 more shakes per day without sharing your referral link.

How To Share Your Referral Code?
  • Go to "Me Page" and click on "My Prize".
  • Tap on "Complete to win!" banner and then click "Invite Now" to start referring your friends to the app.
If the person you referred inputs the invite code correctly and has not downloaded Opera News before, you will receive either a Gold Card or one more share in the prize pool.

The Gold Card will be given to you only if you haven’t completed the puzzle yet. If you've already completed the puzzle then you will get one more share from the bucket prize or 10 more shakes for the final giveaway.
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How To Claim Your Prizes And Redeem Your Vouchers

The cash prizes you won will have to be withdrawn using your OPay account. If you do not have an OPay account yet, you can easily create one using your phone number to register. The cash prize will be transferred into your account as soon as possible after your submission request. If the account number you submitted to redeem your prize is not an Opay account, the money cannot be transferred successfully.
  • Click here to download ORide app and create your free OPay account.
  • Launch Opera News app and click on Withdraw from the My Prize page then click Submit.
  • Choose the amount you want to withdraw and enter your OPay account details.
  • To withdraw more money you will need more withdrawal points which can be earn by inviting new users.
If you want to redeem ORide vouchers go to the “My Prize” page inside Opera News app and copy the unique promo code of the voucher. Then download the ORide app, set up your account and activate your voucher.

Ensure To Redeem All Your Prizes On Time

The Shake and Win campaign will be available inside Opera News app from 21st of June to 19th of July. All your vouchers and cash prizes have to be redeemed before July 25.

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