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New Airtel Cheat: How To Get 4.6GB Data for 200 Naira And 23GB Data for 1000 Naira

This is the latest working cheat you can enjoy on your Airtel SIM. You'll be able to get whooping 4.6GB(4608MB) for free when you load a 200 Naira recharge card by dialling *126*RECHARGE PIN#. So with the guide below, you can easily get free MBs/GBs on Airtel.

A message from Airtel showing data bonus balance of 4608mb(4.6gb)

All You Need To Know

You should be aware of the following facts about this cheat;
  1. Your ₦200 airtime will not be deducted which means you are literally getting 4.6GB data for free on your Airtel SIM.
  2. The 4.6GB data can be accumulated and you can get 23GB data for free by recharging 1000(5X₦200) Naira only. 
  3. This data does not require any VPN to work and can be used on any of your device, Android, iOS or Laptop/PC.
  4. It powers all app. Which means you can use it to browse and download on all your installed apps.
  5. And the validity period of this data bonus is 30 days.

I can still remember clearly that we enjoyed this kind of Airtel 4.6GB data for 200 Naira cheat last year but the method of getting this one is quite different and it's SIM selective which means not every SIM is eligible for this bonus. You can check the eligibility requirements below.

Eligibility Requirements For Airtel 4.6GB For 200 Naira

Ensure your Airtel SIM card is not registered for more than 3 months. This cheat works mostly on new Sims that have been registered for nothing more than 90 days.
  • To check for your SIM registration date, simply dial *746#.
So make sure your SIM card fall into this category to be eligible.

How to be eligible for the 4.6GB for 200 Naira Airtel Cheat?
  • Migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe tariff plan by dialling *312# and reply with 1.
  • Send GET as a text message to 141 and also send MIFI to 141.

SMS GET and MIFI to 141 to be eligible for free Airtel 4.6GB for 200
Once you have followed the instructions above properly, you'll be eligible to get the 4.6GB for 200 Naira on your Airtel SIM.

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How To Get Airtel 4.6GB For 200 Naira Only

  1. Buy an Airtel Recharge Card worth of 200 Naira.
  2. Recharge your Airtel Line by dialling *126*RECHARGE CARD PIN# e.g *126*1712704708409130# and send.
  3. You'll be instantly credited with 4.6GB data to browse the internet.
  4. Repeat the above steps to accumulate more data and get 23GB for 1000 Naira only. You can get more GBs(if you need more) until you are tired.
text message showing Airtel data balance of 4.6GB

How To Check Data Balance & Bonus On Airtel

  • Simply dial *140# and you'll receive a message showing all your data balance and data bonus.
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