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How to Merge Multiple PDF Files on Windows and Mac without Losing Quality

 Those individuals who have to work with a lot of PDF files need to manage them on the device so that the important documents can’t get out of place. For it, the best technique is to merge the PDF documents and keep them all in a single folder. 

how to merge pdf

There are multiple ways that you can use to compile PDF documents and organize the files effectively. This job can be done with the help of an online tool or mobile applications. However, using an online PDF merger tool is the most preferred way that can assist you in compiling the documents quickly. No matter if you are using a mobile phone or laptop, you can use this tool everywhere. 

Furthermore, there is also no issue with the operating system or device version. Since most of the users operate this online tool on laptops, therefore, we will tell you how this online tool can be used on this particular device. Not only this, but we will also tell you the working process of this online tool on operating systems like windows and Mac.

How to Combine PDFs on Windows?

If you are using windows and looking to compile videos using online PDF merger, it is quite a simple process.
There are just a few steps that you have to follow for compiling the PDF files using windows. In this section, we are going to disclose the procedure for merging PDF files on windows.
  • Open the web browser on your PC and launch the online PDF merger.
  • Click on the tool and here you will see the options for uploading the files. You can paste the URL of the files, upload the files from your device or also import them from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • You need to make sure that all the documents you put in the tool are kept in a sequence. If the files are not kept in the required order, you need to drag them and set the arrangement.
  • Now click on the merge button and the tool will start compiling all your PDF files.
  • In a few seconds, you will have a merged version of PDF documents on your device that you can download and keep on your device folder.

How to Combine PDFs on MAC?

If you are familiar with the working of an online PDF combiner on windows, believe me, you can easily use this online tool on the Mac as well. The reason is that you will have to follow the same procedure that can assist you in compiling the files and managing the folder in a better way.

In this section, we are going to talk about the steps that you need to follow for merging PDF documents using your Mac.
  • Open the safari browser on your Mac and browse the online PDF combiner here.
  • Once you have launched the tool, here you will see the option for uploading the documents.
  • The online PDF combiner allows you to import files in multiple ways. You can upload the files from Google Drive, or Dropbox or import them from your computer.
  • Once you are done with importing the documents to your device, you must ensure to keep all the files in the required order.
  • Now click on the merge button and the tool will take a few seconds to compile all the files.
  • Hit the download button and save the file on your device.

Top Benefits of PDF Combiner

So far, you have got an idea of how you can use the online PDF combiner on Mac and windows. Now, it’s also important to know what benefits you can get from this online tool. 

There are a lot of advantages that can be availed of using online PDF mergers that include time-saving and increased work productivity. When you have to merge the PDF files using a mobile application or any other software, you will have to install it first on your device which will not only consume time but also storage. Online PDF combiner on the other hand doesn’t need any installation process. You just have to open the tool on the device and merge them quickly. Furthermore, you can import a lot of PDF files through this online tool without any restrictions. There is no issue even if you upload heavy documents to this online tool.

One of the best things about this online tool is that you don’t even have to pay money for combining the documents. Just open the tool and import the files that you are looking to compile.
While you upload the files in the online PDF combiner, there are chances that you may not keep them in the required order. So this online tool also allows you to set the sequence of the documents and keep them all in order. Many users ask about the privacy factor while using online tools. However, PDF combiner online makes sure to keep the data of its users safe. This feature makes it a reliable option to use. 

Last but not the least; this online tool can be operated on every device no matter if you have a mobile phone or laptop. Also, there is no issue with the operating system for using this online tool.

Bottom Lines

Merging PDF files on laptops is one of the easiest ways as you can do it all using an online tool and manage the files in your folder. Many individuals worry about combining the files on windows and Mac as they don’t have enough idea about the difference in usage.

In this article, we have discussed the procedure of merging PDF files on both operating systems. Hope you will not face any issues with combining the PDF documents after reading this article.

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