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Jumia Anniversary Promo: Best Deals, Freebies and Voucher Discount

Hooray! the huge e-commerce has clocks 10 years of her operation in Africa. It's time to enjoy amazing discount prices and giveaways on Laptops, Smartphones, Games, Sneakers, Shirts, Smart TVs, Home Theatre, Power Banks and your everyday deals. And whatever you have always wanted to buy, it's time to get the money ready as you would not like to miss these amazing savings for what we'll be looking at in this article is how you can get the most out of this event.

Jumia 10th Year Anniversary

Jumia Anniversary is a promotional event by the E-commerce to celebrate her 10th year of being established. What is in for you as a customer is that you'll get the best deals on your favourite products and if you're chanced to be one of the lucky winners you'll enjoy giveaway, free vouchers or highly discounted product.

Amazing Deals to Expect

Starting Date: The Jumia 10th Year Anniversary will start on 14th June, 2022 and ends on 3rd of July, 2022. Ensure you don't miss the date!.

Why shop on Jumia?

The largest E-commerce company in Africa, Jumia has expanded her service throughout Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, Ghana, Tunisia, Uganda, Senegal, Morocco and some other countries in Africa and is still growing. Jumia has a lots of services which makes it stands out as one of the best choice for an online marketplace, such as; Highly Secured payment option, Payment on Delivery for eligible products, Fast Delivery on Jumia Express items, Pickup Stations for easy delivery, Free Delivery, Seller's Score and Product Rating & Review to identify Quality Products and 7 days free Return Policy to get you covered. With the latest additional service known as Jumia Logistics, you can easily ship a package from your home across the country and to abroad at an affordable price. The E-commerce has varieties of products to choose from different categories. You can select from the categories of Fashion items, Home & Office Appliances, Phones and Accessories, Electronics, Automobiles, Groceries, Video Games and more. This year Anniversary deals will make you enjoy amazing discount like no other times.

To get started for the event, download the Jumia App from above link, log in or register with a valid email address. Tap the Menu icon at the top left and Click on "Anniversary".

Anniversary Offers and Freebies

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Flash Sales
  • Free Delivery
  • Brand Days
  • Check in & Win
  • Jumia Box (Play Games & Win)
  • 10 Days 10 Surprises
  • Jumia Hot 10

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is an event where you look for a certain product in a category of thousands of listings. You'll be able to get 99% discount off the selected products sold at specific times. The rule is only one unit of the product will be available and so only one person can win each treasure hunt which makes it very difficult to find but if you are lucky to be the fastest finger, you'll be able to get one of the following products at giveaway price;
  • iPhone 13 (4GB/256GB) for ₦5940 only,
  • HP 15 (4GB/1TB) at N1564 Naira,
  • Skyrun Split A/C (1.5HP) at ₦1541 and
  • Hisense Smart TV (50 inches) at ₦2505.
More treasures will be unlocked soon so stay tuned for updates. Treasure Hunt event will be live on every Monday and Friday of the week at 12am and 6pm throughout the campaign.

Flash Sales

Flash Sales are like Treasure hunts because they're also time limited discount but differ in the sense that there are more units of a product available to be purchased which gives room for more lucky customers to enjoy but the discount on each product is roughly between 40% to 60% on selected items sold at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm everyday. You just have to ensure you don't miss the times so you don't miss the deals.

Brand Days

Each brands are given a specific day to showcase their best deals. Jumia has partnered with exclusive brands partners such as Adidas, Oraimo, Umidigi, XIAOMI, Adidas, Nivea, Diageo, Itel and Coca-Cola. Other brands include but not limited to Samsung, Anker, Unilever, HP, Nokia, Apple, Skyrun, Edifier, Defacto.

Free Delivery

Customers residing in Lagos, Ibadan and Abuja can now enjoy free delivery promo on selected products during or after the anniversary. 
  • To get free shipping on your next order; Check for "Free Delivery" tag or "Jumia Express Label" and add such product to cart then proceed to checkout. You'll see the delivery fee subtracted from the total amount to pay.
Jumia Express is a fast delivery service offered by Jumia to enable her customers get orders faster.

Check in and Win Promo

This is an event that has already started. All you need to do to enjoy this promo is to log in on Jumia App or website and visit the check in page everyday for an amazing surprise after every seven days.

Jumia Box

Every Mondays and Tuesdays starting from June 14th, you'll be able to play logic games on the Jumia App. The top 3 winners with the highest score completed the game within the shortest time will be eligible for the three giveaways for each day. Items to be won include Voucher worth of 20k, Microwave Oven, Edifier Home Theatre and more to be unlocked once the Anniversary starts.

10 Days 10 Surprises

Tue 15th, Sat 18th, Sun 19th, Tue 21st, Sat 25th, Sun 26th, Tue 28th, Fri 1st of July, Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd are 10 days during the Anniversary that you need to check in to get 3 voucher codes and coupons each day that you can use for extra discount on Jumia Marketplace, JumiaPay app or Jumia Food.

Jumia Hot 10

This an event where customers are allowed to vote for the product they want at a discount price. Three products are chosen from 10 different category and their respective prices are shown on the event page. What you need to do is to cast your vote for the item you want at the given price for that day. The 10 items with the highest votes wil be among the Jumia Hot 10 deals for each day throughout the Anniversary. Voting has already started and will end on June 13th.

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