How to Earn Free Money on Chipper Cash Referral Program

Chipper Cash is a payment app like many others out there. It can be used to transfer, receive and send money anywhere in Nigeria and even across the country - to & fro some other African countries. Their referral program gives every registered users the ability to earn money online by referring new users to the app. In this article we're going to look at how to make money on Chipper Cash app.
Refer and earn N250 bonus
It's no more new that Chipper Cash is giving away free N250 Naira per referral for every valid users but the procedure to get the free money is quite skeptical. You just need to follow the below guide properly.

Some may be worried about the use of BVN during registeration. Though it's normal, but, Chipper Cash is a secure payment platform with over one million users in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Uganda. The first and only platform that allows you to send money across borders without charges. The BVN is a means of identification used by the platform to ensure you're a valid user.

But if you still don't want to use your BVN, there are other ways to make money online without the need for that. PalmPay is an example.

So having said that, if you're interested in making money on Chipper Cash, then let's dive in!.
Warning: Well, there are dos and don'ts in almost every thing in this life. One important thing you should keep in mind here is that registeration with email address is strictly NOT ALLOWED if you want to benefit from the referral program. You have to use your phone number to register. And this applies also to your new referrals.

3 Basic Steps to Earn Money on Chipper Cash App

  1. Download and register your Chipper account on the app.
  2. Verify your account with a valid means of identification.
  3. Send and receive ₦250 in your account to earn the free money. You can cash out immediately if you want.

How to Register and Verify your Account

  • Download Chipper Cash App on your app store and click "Sign Up".
  • Enter your phone number and confirm with the OTP sent to the number.
  • Fill other required information and on the homepage click "Add BVN".
  • Enter your BVN and confirm with your selfie.
  • Now go to refer & earn page, enter my referral code: 9JYLK  and confirm.
Invite your friends, earn 250 Naira each
You have now completed the account setup. 

How to Start Referring New Users

  • Log in your account on Chipper Cash app and click the "Earn Icon" to open Referral tab.
  • Copy your referral link and share with your friends to download and register through the link.
Where's my referral code?
Aside from using link to refer new users, you can also use your referral code. The last 5 characters of the referral link denote your unique Chipper Cash referral code. Ensure to tell your referrals to enter the invite code on the app after successful registeration.

Successful registeration means that your referral follows the given procedure, link their BVN and also confirm with a selfie.

How to Get the 250 Naira Referral Bonus

To qualify for the free 250 Naira bonus, you have to send and receive ₦250 in your account wallet. For that, you need to have minimum of ₦250  in your Chipper account wallet.

How to Fund your Chipper Account
  • Go to your profile page on the app and copy your Wema account number - this is the bank account you were given after successful registeration on Chipper Cash app. 
Wema bank account number to fund chipper account wallet
  • Now, go to any of your banking app and do your normal bank transfer - Select "Wema" as Bank Name and paste the account number you copied. You're good to go after the transfer is successful.
Now you will need another registered users to send and receive the ₦250 so that you can get your referral bonus.
Tip: You can simply refer a new user to the app and you'll get ₦500 after completing the transaction.

How to Send Money to Other Chipper App User

  • Log in on the app and click Send button.
  • Enter the person's phone number or username.
  • Select the account and enter ₦250 as the amount to transfer, enter any note and click Send
  • Follow the same procedure on the person's account and send the money back to your account. You'll both get 250 Naira referral money in your account wallets.
Chipper Nigeria paid 250 Naira to account wallet

How to Withdraw your Earnings

To withdraw your referral money on chipper Cash app is very easy. 
  • Simply go to your profile page on the app and click Cash Out.
  • Select the Bank, enter your account number and confirm your bank account name.
  • On the next page, input the amount you want to withdraw and click "Cash Out ₦(Amount Specified)".
Cash out 500 Naira to your bank account
  • Wait to receive the juicy alert from your bank😊.


You can earn as much as you want with Chipper Cash. No cheat!. However, keep in mind that Chipper Cash reserves the right to reduce or increase the referral bonus or even stop the referral program at any time. They also have the right to disapprove any user for performing fraudulent activity.

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