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Airtel Data Cheat: How to Power All Apps with Social Bundle 500MB Data for N100

You'll all agree with me that cheap Data bundles are at their peak when you subscribe for Social Bundle but it's quite unfortunate and disappointing that the data can only be used to browse on social media apps. Like the Facebook bundle for Facebook app only, WhatsApp bundle for WhatsApp messenger and others.

The Airtel 500MB for N100 is a normal social bundle subscription designed to be used on Facebook and WhatsApp messenger only but in this article we are going to look at how to use the data to browse on all your apps.
How to subscribe Airtel social bundle 500mb for N100
As I have already said, the Airtel Social Bundle gives you 500MB for N100 only and you can accumulate as much as you want. Which means you can subscribe more and get more MBs. With N200 you get 1GB data, N500 gives you 2.5GB, N1000 gives 5GB and N2000 will give you 10GB. How much will N5000 give you? I believe you can do the calculation yourself😛. What about N10000??. So, if you have something heavy to download, then this plan is a very good choice.

And if you have something even heavier to download, then you might want to take a look at the Night Bundles which gives you 250MB data for N25, 500MB for N50 and up to 1GB data for N100 only. Two times cheaper than the social bundle, right?. And it's available on MTN, Glo and Airtel but can only be used in the Night. If you want to learn more about the Night Plans, check out the below links.
Now, let's take a look at how to subscribe for the Airtel Social Bundle.

How to Subscribe for Airtel 500MB for N100 Social Bundle

  • Simply dial *141*104# to subscribe. The Validity period is 30 days.
  • Dial *140# to check your data balance.
After purchasing the Social Bundle Data, you can start using it to browse on Facebook and Whatsapp but to use it to browse on other apps, you need to follow the below procedure.

How to Power All Apps with Airtel Social Bundle Data

  • Recharge your line with a minimum of N100 and subscribe for the Airtel Social Bundle 500mb for N100 using the above short code. 
  • Turn on your mobile data connection. 4G network is recommended. It works on 3G network also. Even on 2G. But of course, speed differs.
For this cheat, we're going to be using a VPN app known as EC Tunnel VPN. You can download it on Google Play store by clicking the button below.
  • Launch the app and switch to Tweak Settings and from the Menu select NG|Airtel 500MB Social Bundle. You might need a little bit of normal data to see the full list of available tweaks.
Airtel social bundle cheat with EC tunnel VPN
  • Go back and tap on the red circle button to connect.
  • Once the VPN is connected as shown above, you can start browsing with the Social Bundle data on any app you want. That's it, Enjoy it while it lasts!.
If you like this article, please share!. Do leave a comment below if you are facing any issue. Kindly be informed that this cheat can be blocked at any time.

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