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How To Create A Free Virtual Credit Card For Online Payment in Nigeria

free VISA credit card created with Barter
I'm sure paying for goods or services online is a difficult stuff to people in some countries. In Nigeria for example, it's very difficult to pay for goods and services in foreign currency with your local bank account debit/credit card.

Though accepting payments online have been made easier with services like Payoneer, Skrill, Rave by Flutterwave and others. If you are a business man that accept payments from local and foreign countries, these services will surely help you whether you're in Nigeria or any other part of the world.

Furthermore, from your local bank, you can also create a Domiciliary account that accepts payments in foreign currency and also allows users to pay for goods and services online with their issued Dollar Card. However, opening this type of bank account is not a quick process.

If you're just looking for a way to pay online for goods or services in foreign currency, then you don't necessarily need to open a Domiciliary account. You can easily and quickly create a free virtual credit card. GetBarter comes handy in this case and in this article, you'll be provided with detailed information about this service and also the complete guide to create your own free virtual credit card with GetBarter and start making online payments in Nigeria
Barter credit card details and transactions

GetBarter by Flutterwave 

GetBarter is currently the ultimate solution to the difficultly in paying for goods online in countries like Nigeria. It's the quick, easy and convenient way to shop online on popular e-commerce stores such as Amazon, AliExpress, eBay and many more. Their service is surprisingly fast and your security is guaranteed. GetBarter is a product of Flutterwave Inc.

Flutterwave, created in 2016, is an Internet Company that allows Africans to connect to the digital world. It aims to provide solutions to online payments accross Africa. It has two products which are Rave and GetBarter. With Rave for business owners, you can easily receive payments from Nigeria, South Africa and the United States. And with GetBarter, you can create a free virtual Dollar Card to shop around the world.
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GetBarter app homepage

Features Of GetBarter

  • Free Virtual Credit Card: Shopping online has never been easier. Easily create your free custom VISA Dollar Card and start making payments online on any e-Commerce stores that processes payments in US Dollars. I've used my Barter Dollar Card to shop on AliExpress and I can say it's working great so far. The only downside is that I've to submit my documents to verify my Card and wait for 2 business days to validate my transactions on AliExpress.
  • Receive Money Online: With their Email Address or Phone Number, you can ask for money from your friends, family and customers.
  • Send Money Online: You can send money to your friends, family or customers' barter account, bank account, wristband/card or WhatsApp.
  • Statement Of Account: Easily download statements of transactions on your card for payments confirmation.
  • Rave on WhatsApp: This is one of the amazing features of GetBarter. With your Whatsapp account, you'll be able to receive One Time Password (OTP) to confirm your payments. It helps when your message delivery is taking longer than expected. You can do more with Rave on WhatsApp if you have a Rave account on Flutterwave.

Download GetBarter App for Android and iOS Device

You can get it on Google Play store for Android or download it on the App Store for iOS.
download GetBarter App for iOSDownload GetBarter App for Android

How To Create A Virtual Credit Card With GetBarter

  1. Download and install GetBarter app from above links.
  2. Create your account on the app and enter 2348168156922 as your invite/referral code during registration. You'll need to confirm your phone number with the OTP sent to the phone number.
  3. Now, create your Dollar Card and fund it with a minimum of $1. You'll need your bank account debit card to fund your Dollar card.
Once you are done, go to any of your favourite e-Commerce stores that processes payments in US Dollar and start shopping. You'll need to enter your card details when making payment online. These details include your 16 digits card number, expiry date and CVV(3 digits security code at the back of your card). You may also be required to provide the card holder name.

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So that's it. The free guide to create a free virtual credit card. If you benefit from this article, kindly share it with others. And if you have any questions or anything to add, scroll to the comments section below to leave a message.

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