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Watch Out For Jumia 4th Year Anniversary Deals - Get Free 500 Naira On Sign Up

The best time to buy any product you want from Jumia is here. Introducing the Jumia 4th Year Anniversary from June 24th to July 7th, it's time to look out for the best deals you can never get anywhere else.
Jumia 4th year anniversary is here!, Sign up and get 500 Naira for free
Jumia, the largest online shopping mall in Africa is here again with her 4th year anniversary program packaged with various amazing deals you would never want to miss. If you have been wanting to buy any product online then you need to watch out for this anniversary as there will be crazy discounts on popular products.

Best Deals On Jumia

These are the great deals you need to know prior to the upcoming Jumia anniversary campaign...
  1. Free ₦500 to your Jumia Pay account
  2. ₦500 Jumia Global Shop - Pay ₦500 only for your favourite product
  3. Double Awoof - Get doubled value of what you buy
  4. Jumia Prime - Free delivery to Lagos and Abuja
  5. Mega Flash Sales - Vote for the product you want to buy
  6. Daily Live Giveaways - Try your luck to win something special
  7. Jumia App Exclusive - Get extra discount with Jumia Pay

1. Free ₦500 To Your Jumia Pay Account

It's easy as ABC. Starting from Wednesday May 29th to Friday June 21st, register an account on Jumia and you'll be able to get free ₦500 in your Jumia Pay account wallet. The ₦500 bonus will be credited to your account wallet within 3 days after the above period. And, starting from June 24th, you can use your money to buy anything you want on Jumia. Ensure to select Jumia Pay as the preferred payment method when you want to check out.

Don't forget to share this article with your loved ones so they can get their own free ₦500 account sign up bonus.

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2. ₦500 Jumia Global Shop - Get It At ₦500 Only

A shop will be opened at midnight on June 24th, where you will be able to buy your favourite product @₦500 only on Jumia Global. Jumia Global products are products that are not sourced from Nigeria but Internationally sourced and will be shipped from overseas.
Pay with Jumia pay for 500 Naira global shop
So, ensure you wake up before 12am on June 24th to get your favourite product once the Global Shop is live. The Global Shop will be open for only specific time and the products can run out of stock in few minutes so you have to be very fast if you don't want to miss this.

You can use your ₦500 sign up bonus to buy a product in Jumia Global Shop. You can also get free shipping on your Jumia Global Shop products if you choose Economy postal as your preferred delivery method.

3. Double Awoof - Get Doubled The Value

You can now buy a double awoof virtual product and you'll get doubled amount of the money you paid in your Jumia Pay account at 12AM on June 24th which you can use to buy any product on Jumia.
Double awoof virtual products
There are three double awoof virtual products currently available...
  • Buy ₦500 and get ₦1000. Click here to buy.
  • Buy ₦1000 and get ₦2000. Click here to buy.
  • Buy ₦2500 and get ₦5000. Click here to buy.
Get your double awoof product now before it runs out of stock.

4. Jumia Prime - Get Free Delivery On Your Products

You can now buy a Jumia Prime subscription plan and you'll be eligible for free delivery on all products bought within your subscription validity period. This promotion is currently available for customers in Lagos and Abuja.
Jumia Prime, subscribe for free delivery on Jumia products
Available Jumia Prime subscriptions you can get...
  • 1 month free delivery to Lagos @₦1,999. Buy Now
  • 3 months free delivery to Lagos @₦4,999. Buy Now
  • 1 month free delivery to Abuja @₦2,999. Buy Now
  • 3 months free delivery to Abuja @₦6,499. Buy Now
These subscriptions are limited in quatity and will not be available once all them have been purchased. So, get yours now!.

5. Mega Flash Sales - Vote Now Or Never

You can vote for all the available products you want discount on during the anniversary. The product with highest vote will be available on the Jumia Mega Flash Sales starting from June 24th.
Jumia anniversary vote for Mega Flash sales
You can ask your friends to vote for your product to increase your chance of getting the product during the anniversary campaign. Voting ends on June 16th. Click here to start voting.

Know What Flash Sales Are
The flash sale products are amazingly discounted product with limited quantities and sold at specific times. You have to watch out for the time your product will be live if you want to buy any of the flash sale products. And you have to be very fast when placing your order because the product can run out of stock in seconds.
Flash Sales are available only in the Jumia app.

6. Daily Live Giveaways - Try Your Luck

Jumia will be giving away amazing products such as iPhone Xs Max, Samsung S10, High Performing (HP) Laptops and many more awesome products you'll love. This promotion will start at 12pm from June 24th.
Jumia anniversary free giveaway
Click the button below once the anniversary campaign start to try your luck.
All you have to do is to comment your phone number on the website after clicking the above link during the live session. If you are among the 10 lucky winners, you will have to answer a call from Jumia and pick a number that will unveil your gift.

Amazing products you can get for free...
DateProduct NameImage
(Click to Zoom)
Mon. 24th JuneApple iPhone XS Max 64GB

Apple iPhone Xs max 64gb on Jumia

₦420,00012:00 am
Samsung S10 128GB

Samsung S10 128gb get it on Jumia

₦319,99912:00 pm
Tue. 25th JuneHP Pavilion 15 8GB/1TB

Hp Pavilion 15, get it on Jumia online

₦188,99012:00 pm
Wed. 26th JuneApple iWatch

Buy Apple iWatch on Jumia

₦175,90012:00 pm
Thur. 27th JuneTecno Camon 11 3GB/32GB

Tecno Camon 11 on Jumia online

₦175,90012:00 pm
Fri. 28th JuneApple iPhone XS Max 64GB

Apple iPhone Xs max 64gb on Jumia

₦420,00012:00 pm
Mon. 1st JulyApple iPhone XR Max 64GB

Apple iPhone Xr 64gb on Jumia

₦262,99912:00 pm
Tue. 2nd JulyNexus Chest Freezer

Nexus Chest Freezer on Jumia

₦48,49012:00 pm
Wed. 3rd JulyMooka LED TV 43”

Mooka LED TV pic on Jumia

₦68,45012:00 pm
Thur. 4th JulySamsung Galaxy S9+ 64GB

Samsung Galaxy S9+ pic

₦204,99912:00 pm
Fri. 5th JulyApple iPhone XS Max 64GB

Apple iPhone Xs max pic

₦420,00012:00 pm

7. Jumia App Exclusive - Get The App Now For Extra Discount

Download and install the Jumia One app from the below download button to be able to get access to Flash Sale deals and also get extra discount off the product you want to buy when you pay through Jumia Pay.

The Jumia App is available for Android and iPhone users.
Download Jumia app on App storeDownload and install Jumia app on Google Play store

So, What Is Next?
Save the date, it is June 24th to July 7th and bookmark this page to be able to revisit again when the anniversary campaign starts.

If you have any questions or enquiries about the Jumia Anniversary Campaign or any product you want to buy on Jumia, you can use the comments section below this post.

You can also join our Facebook community group chat by clicking the Get support button below to have related discussions with like minded people and you can chat me up on WhatsApp if you need my help on anything.

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