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Jumia Women And Youth Empowerment Program, Start Earning 500 Naira Per Referral

You can now start earning money with Jumia Online if you are a woman or a youth below the age of 30 simply by referring new customers to shop on Jumia.
Jumia women and youth empowerment Program
The Jumia Women and Youth Empowerment Program is a newly launched campaign that created for the Nigerian women and youths a way to start earning money online easily.

Jumia said, concerning the Empowerment program;
Our Women & Youths Empowerment Programme is in line with our mission of improving the quality of everyday lives through technology. This initiative is therefore designed for Nigerian women & youth below 30 years of age, to equip them with the requisite training and support guaranteed to help them earn an income by creating education on the convenience of online shopping, especially in the cities and among rural dwellers, thereby helping Nigerians to save time and money while shopping on Jumia.
We like to call it a movement, or a drive towards ensuring that we reduce the unemployment gap in the country, especially among our women & youths.
Our goal is to empower at least 500,000 women & youths before the end of 2019. So the train is waiting; we hope to see you join others who are already on board. 

What Is Jumia?

Jumia is the largest online shopping mall in Africa where you can order any product online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Jumia is one of the most popular online shop for Nigerians along with Konga. Not only can you buy products on Jumia, you can also book flights, hotels, rides and lots more. With Jumia Express delivery, you can also enjoy free shipping on your orders and with Jumia Pay you get extra discount on your products.
Jumia the Africa's Online Shopping mall

The Jumia World:

  1. Jumia One - the secured way to buy airtime and pay your bills.
  2. Jumia Travel - cheap flights and airline tickets. Fly to Africa and to the World.
  3. Jumia Hotels - more than 200,000 hotels in Lagos, Ibadan, Nairobi, Accra and more. You can book now and pay later.
  4. Jumia Food - order your favourite foods online and get it delivered to your home.
  5. Jumia Deals - buy real estate and used cars in Nigeria.
  6. Jumia Marketplace - where you can start selling your products to over 200,000,000 customers.

What You Can Get On Jumia

You can get a variety of different products on Jumia. Just choose from the most popular categories...
  • Phones and Tablets
  • Electronics
  • Home and Office
  • Computing
  • Gaming
  • Men's Fashion
  • Women's Fashion
  • Health and Beauty
  • Groceries
  • Baby Products and
  • Sporting Goods.
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What's More?
With the newly launched Jumia Empowerment Program, you can now start earning from your home. So, start introducing Jumia to your friends, the bigger your network the more you earn.

So, How Does It Work?
When you refer someone to Jumia, the person will be added to your first downline. If the person refer another user, the new user will be added to your second downline. And the chain goes like that. But you can only earn up to your third downline.

How Much Can You Earn From Each Of Your Downlines

  • Downline 1 - You'll earn ₦500 and 1% of all the money your referrals spend on Jumia. All new customers you referred will be added to this downline.
  • Downline 2 - You earn 0.5% of all the money they spend on Jumia. Customers referred by Downline 1 will be added here.
  • Download 3 - You earn 0.3% of all the money they spend on Jumia. Customers referred by your Downline 2 will be added here.

All You Need To Know About Jumia Empowerment Program

  • The program is opened to Nigerian women and youths.
  • A youth by definition is any Nigerian  below the age of 30.
  • New customers are customers that have never shopped on Jumia before.
  • Your Downlines will expire after 6 months.
  • Bonuses will be paid, 7 days after the successful delivery of the order (Returned/canceled orders do not attract commission)
  • Your Earnings/Money will be paid into your Jumia Pay wallet, for you to shop on Jumia.
  • Payment is made on the 20th of every month, with the cut-off date being the 15th of the same month.

How To Join This Campaign And Start Earning Money

  • Fill in the form below and click Submit so we can add you to our downline.
  • Sign Up on Jumia using the details you supplied in the form above.
Now, start referring your friends and family to shop on Jumia.
Jumia referral form page
  • Click the link below to go to Jumia Referral page and fill in the form to add a new user to your downline.
  • Copy the above link and share it with your downline so they can also refer new users that'll be added to your second downline. The new users will also be added to your friends' first downline. And the chain continues.

Once, your referrals start making purchases on Jumia, you'll start earning your money. You can choose to start recommending Jumia products to your downlines if you are already familiar with Jumia.

👉 Learn more about the Jumia Empowerment Program
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If you still have any question please scroll to the comments section and leave a message. You can also click the Get support button below to join our Facebook community group chat on Messenger.