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How To Install APK With OBB Or Data File On Your Android Phone

Update(April 06, 2021):
Note: This article is obsolete, I have published a new article that address this topic very well.

android obb folder opened to copy GTA SA game obb file

Have you been trying to install your APK game that has OBB file on your Android Device? Yea! It is very easy and simple. OBB (opinary binary blob) is always created by Android developers in order to make the APK file function properly. OBB file contains Bundles of large assets like high quality graphics and many others.

So if you download any Apk game that has OBB or Data file with them, this tutorial will definitely help you to install the Apk and OBB file together in order for them to run on your Android Device.

It's preferable to download the OBB file of your game through your web browser than download it through the Apk file. Because if there is any problem while downloading the OBB file through the apk, you won't be able to resume your download. But if you are using a powerful Web browser to download the OBB file and a problem occurred, you will be able to resume the download at the break point. But know this, if you download your game data through the Apk file, the data files will be automatically installed in the game. Unlike downloading with your Web browser when you will have to manually install the OBB data for your game. Since any problem can occur during download, therefore I preferred downloading the OBB file with my Web browser.

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How To Install APK With OBB Or Data File On Android

It is easy and simple. Just download ES file explorer by clicking here Or download Xplore File Manager. There are many file manager app out there, but I preferred using Xplore File Manager because of its' simplicity, powerful ability and also its nice user interface.
  • =>After successful installation of any of the file manager, download your desired APK file and also download OBB or Data file. Do not open them, just download them in your phone memory or SD card but SD card is preferable. 
  • =>Launch your file manager app and locate the Apk, tap on it to start Installation.
  • =>After successful installation, do not run the game. Just locate your OBB file through the file manager and Tap on the OBB file. If it ask to open zip viewer, choose Xplore zip viewer or any other achieve viewer.
  •  =>After the OBB file is opened, if you are using Xplore, switch the pane by clicking the top left or right side of your phone screen. Xplore is a dual pane file manager.
  • =>Then, Choose the path where you will extract the file to. Select your SD card then "Android" folder and then tap on "obb" folder. If you don't see the "obb" folder, just create a new folder and name it "obb" and your selected path will be like this: sdcard/Android/obb.
  • =>Switch back the xplore pane.
  • =>Press and hold the OBB file or it can be a folder(usually in "main..." or "com..." format), it contains the OBB file. Note that you have to extract everything, including the folder.
  • =>Click "copy" or "move" in the pop up menu. It will show if you would like to COPY(i.e keep original file) or MOVE(delete original file).
  • =>Click "OK" to start extracting the OBB file. Wait for some time to complete the process. After that, you can now play your game.
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Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to install your APK with OBB or Data? Kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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