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Add Stylish Telegram Widget Button on Blogger/WordPress

Do you want to add link to your Telegram Channel on your site and you don't know how do it?. Today, I'll walk you through the guide to create eye catching Telegram button and add it to your website. 
Telegram button install guide
Publishing a post is one thing and sharing it on Social Media is another. If you want to reach your target audience, you must learn make use of the social platforms which Telegram is among.
If you don't have a Telegram channel yet, you can easily create one when you download the app on your app store. Then you setup your channel and add an id with which you can easily link users to join using the shortlink

How to Create a Telegram Button

  1. Visit and tap on Get Button.
  2. Enter your telegram channel id and the text you want to appear along with the icon like "Join us on Telegram".
  3. Adjust the button width by dragging the slider to the right or left.
  4. You can choose to show the current number of subscribers by ticking Add participants counter.
    Create a stylish Telegram button for your website
  5. You can also adjust the background color, text color, border width and enable or disable the pulse effect.
  6. Adjust everything to your liking. Once you're done, click the Get Code button.
  7. Copy the html code and paste on your website anywhere you want the button appear.
Like we did on this blog, you may want to place the button just below all posts. Below is the guide to do that on Blogger platform.

How to Add Telegram Button Below Post in Blogger

  1. Copy the Button code and go to Blogger and click Theme >> Edit HTML.
  2. Look for the tag <div class="post-footer">. You may find it more than once.
  3. Place the code just below the tag - everywhere you find it.
There you go!. You'll see the button appear under all your posts.

If you're still having trouble placing the code on your Blogger site, leave a message in the comment box and I'll guide you through.

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