How to Claim & Redeem Awoof Moni on PalmPay App

Awoof Moni is the latest trending method to earn free money on PalmPay app. You can get up ₦30,000 free to share with your friends but you only get to earn when the money you sent is used to purchase airtime.

How to Get Awoof Moni to Share

It's pretty simple. Because all registered users on PalmPay is eligible for the free ₦30,000 awoof moni to share. To get yours, simply log in and click the Awoof Moni banner. Ensure your app is up to date.

You can now share your awoof moni link with your friends to start earning. Your friends get up to ₦250 free through your link and you'll earn the money when it's used to buy airtime on PalmPay app. The money you earned will be sent directly to your PalmPay account where you can withdraw it or used to perform any transaction on PalmPay app.

Tell your friends to follow the below procedure to claim their awoof moni. Because this where most people don't get it right.
Note that: Every PalmPay Users is eligible to claim awoof up to 3 times moni in a week. So your friends can claim your awoof money and you too can claim others three times every week.

How to Claim Awoof Moni

  • Go to my awoof moni page and enter your phone number to get up to ₦250 free money.
  • Once you get the awoof moni, Sign up/log in on PalmPay app and go Top Up Airtime.
  • Enter the amount of airtime you want to buy and click Next.
  • On the payment page, the awoof money you earned will be automatically deducted from the amount you'll pay. If not, click Coupon to Use, Select the awoof money then click Confirm.
  • Once you're done, click Pay button.
Kindly note that if the amount you want to recharge is greater than the awoof moni you were given, then you need to have some amount of money in your PalmPay account for you to be able to redeem the money. You may need to see my guide on..
So that's it. How to get awoof money and redeem it on PalmPay app.


Awoof Moni is not a way you can earn big money but at least it'll save you a lot on things like airtime and data purchase.
There are some other ways you can earn money and free Palmpoints on PalmPay app. See..
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