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Upgrade your MTN Sim: Get 10GB Free Data Bonus

Did you know?. MTN is giving away free 10GB data to any subscriber who upgrade his/her MTN sim to the 4G LTE network. All you need to do is to visit the nearest MTN walk-in center with a government issued ID and request for upgrade and you'll be instantly credited with the free data.
Upgrade your MTN Sim from 3G to 4G and get 10gb data for free
This is a free data bonus from MTN and not a cheat of any kind. You can use the free data to browse on any of your installed app as it doesn't require any VPN to work. You can browse, download and surf the internet as you like with the free 10gb data which is valid for 7 days from the day of upgrade. Below is the procedure to get your free data on MTN.

MTN 4G LTE Service

MTN 4G LTE is the latest trending innovation network service offered by MTN to her subscribers for surfing the internet and downloading at a very high speed. With MTN 4G, you can enjoy high speed internet browsing, streaming of HD Video without buffing, superfast download, online gaming, video calls, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and much more.

If you want the best internet experience, you should consider upgrading your MTN 3G Sim to 4G.


There are three things required to start using the MTN 4G LTE Network Service and enjoying the MTN 4G special data bonus offers.
  1. 4G Compatible Smartphone
  2. 4G LTE network coverage and
  3. 4G Enabled MTN Sim

How to Check if your Device is 4G Compatible

Your phone or tablet must be compatible with 4G network service to benefits from this offer. To know if your device is compatible with 4G LTE network or not, kindly verify via your device manual or head over to Google and search for your device specs. Any device that support Band 7 (2600MHz) is compatible with 4G LTE network.

You can get a 4G compatible smartphone at an affordable price on Jumia.

How to enable 4G LTE Network on your android Phone
By default, once you insert a 4G enabled Sim Card into your 4G compatible smartphone and with 4G/LTE Network coverage, you'll see the 4G/LTE network strength in your phone status bar. If you didn't see it, go to Settings and tap on Network & Internet, tap on Mobile Network and ensure your preferred network type is set to 4G/LTE.
Go to your mobile network settings and Set your preferred network type to 4G

How to Check if your Location is Covered by MTN 4G Network

Kindly log on to to confirm.

How to Check if your MTN Sim is 4G Ready

Simply go to your messaging app and text 4G to 131. The response received will tell whether your MTN Sim is 4G enabled or not. You'll also be notified if your device too is 4G compatible.
Notification showing device and Sim compatible with MTN 4G network service
If your MTN Sim is not 4G compatible, kindly use the below guide to upgrade your MTN Sim to 4G and get free 10GB data bonus.

How to Get 10GB Data for Free on MTN

  1. Go to the nearest MTN Walk-in Center with a valid means of identification.
  2. Opt in and request for upgrade of your MTN Sim to 4G.
  3. Fill the required documents and submit your ID Card.
  4. Once the upgrade is complete, you'll receive the free 10GB data on your new 4G enabled MTN Sim.
  5. You can start browsing with your free data bonus once you are connected to the 4G/LTE Network. The free data bonus is valid for 1 week from the day of upgrade of your MTN Sim.
  6. To check your data balance, dial *131*4# or dial *556# or SMS 2 to 131.
Notification from MTN showing 10gb(10240mb) data balance

Accepted Means of Identification to Upgrade your MTN Sim

  • National ID Card
  • Voter's Card
  • Drivers License
  • International Passport 
  • Sworn Affidavit
  • Letter of Authentication
  • National Identity Number (NIN) Slip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About the Free 10GB Data for MTN Sim Upgrade

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade your MTN Sim?
Well, when I called the Customer Care, I was told it's free. But when I got there, I was asked to pay ₦200. You know... Nigerian stuff 😉. Anyway, you'll receive airtime worth of ₦200 on your new MTN 4G enabled Sim so I think that makes it free or what do you think?.

Wondering if NIN Slip will be accepted?.
Yes!, NIN Slip is a valid means of identification to upgrade your MTN 3G Sim to 4G.

What's the Validity Period or Expiry Date?
The MTN free 10GB data bonus is valid for a period of 7 days which means it expires after 1 week from the day of upgrade.

How do I check my data bonus balance?
Dial *131*4# or text 2 to 131 to check. You'll receive a notification showing your balance details. You can also dial *556# to check your remaining data balance.

Is there any Deadline attached to it?
Yes!, please. Though you can upgrade your MTN Sim to 4G anytime you wish, however, if you want to get the free 10GB data bonus, you must upgrade your MTN Sim on or before 30th of June.

What are the other benefits you'll enjoy when you upgrade your MTN Sim to 4G?
  • You'll get 100%(doubled) data bonus when you purchased data bundles within ₦500 to ₦5000 for 3 months from the day of upgrade.
  • You'll also enjoy 25% data bonus on any data bundle you buy from month 4 to month 6 after upgrading.
Let's know what you think about the free 10GB data bonus for MTN 4G upgrade in the comments section below. Share our article to benefit others, thanks.

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