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The 3 Best Apps for Developing Android Apps on Android Phone

You can now develop an android app using apps you can easily installed on your android phone. I know it's something not possible to do before due to the limitations on mobile phones. But now, with these amazing android apps you can start your career as an Android Developer with your android phone once you have knowledge of the Java Programming language.

Even if you don't, some of these apps come pre built with great tutorials to start learning Android Development. But I wouldn't advise you if you're a newbie in Programming to start your programming journey with those tutorials. I've written a detailed guide on how to start learning programming as a beginner where I introduced another great app to start learning easily. This app is ideal for any level of programmer, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro.

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The three best apps for developing android apps on android phone are AIDE, Java N-IDE and JStudio app.

#1 - AIDE

AIDE is one great app to start building your own android apps right on your mobile device. AIDE not only has the feature of developing android apps using Java but can also be used to develop android games using Java, write Java programs big project using Eclipse style, develop apps using C/C++ and there's AIDE Web designed for web developers.
AIDE is one great app for building android apps on your phone. Download and install aide on Google Play store
But, to enjoy this app, you may need to buy the pro version which is not normally free. One important feature that's missing in the free version is the ability to save your project. So, you can't save your work if you don't buy the premium version of the app.

Other than that, AIDE is great. The code completion feature of AIDE is incomparable to any of the other apps listed below and that's why I had no choice but to put it at the first of the list.

Ability to Automatically Import Java Libraries

The intelligent of this app is so great that it automatically import libraries you are trying to use in your project immediately you instantiate the object of the class.

Auto Complete Feature is Superb

This app has the ability to auto complete any word, I mean ANYTHING you want to type(including variables you instantiate in your code) right from the moment you type the first character and when you're trying to reference a certain method of a class by typing dot after the object(name or variable), it'll bring out all the available methods of that class associated with that object.
  • Real time error checking as you type with detailed information on how to fix the error.
  • Syntax highlighting and auto close tags.
  • Interoperability with Android studio - You can manage Android Studio projects with AIDE.
  • Learn to Code - interactive lessons with step by step instructions on learning Java, Android App and Android Game development courses.
With all these amazing features, AIDE can be referred to as the best alternative for Android Studio on android phone. You can download AIDE app from below link.

#2 - Java N-IDE

Download Java N-IDE app on your phone and start building android apps
Java N-IDE is also a great android app for building android apps and writing Java application programs with free sample codes on some popular topics in Java programming course. It has the features of auto complete, compile time error checking, syntax highlighting and closing tags automatically. You can build, run and save your Java and Android projects in the free version of the app. So, you don't necessarily have upgrade to pro.

#3 - JStudio

You can use JStudio app to start developing android apps on your phone
This is another app you can used to start developing android apps. JStudio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing android apps or java console programs on your device with support for auto completion and real time error checking among others.

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