Step by step procedure to become a Jumia Sales Consultant or Agent
Jumia Online Shopping Mall is growing day by day while selling products to over 200 Million customers in Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Ivory Coast and some other African countries. If you based in any of these countries, you can easily place order for the product you want to buy on Jumia Online and get it delivered to your doorstep at a low shipping cost. Jumia ships products nationwide and delivery of products takes less than 7 days. Jumia not only ship products within the country but can also ship products from abroad while placing order for product you want to buy is quite easy. You can check out our DIY approach to buying product on Jumia.

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So now, if you understand how Jumia works, what you can think of next is how you become Jumia Sales Consultant and start making money online. Jumia Sales Consultants(or Agents) are regarded as Jumia Force(JForce). In this article, you'll learn how to register as a JForce member and become Jumia Sales Consultant.

Jumia Sales details for November, ₦76,533 products sold

Jumia Force (JForce)

JForce is a special branch of Jumia that lets you earn commissions on the products you ordered on Jumia for yourself or on behalf of other people who want to buy products on Jumia. So, once you join the JForce team, using your Jumia account to purchase any product on Jumia will earn you certain percentage of the total cost of the product whether you are buying the product for yourself or for someone else.
JForce commission for December paid directly to bank account
The JForce team has two categories; B2C(Business to Customer) and B2B(Business to Business). The B2C category has different levels you can upgrade from or to by meeting the sales requirements for the month. And you can as well be downgraded to the previous level if you can't meet up. You can level up from the Probation level (your first level immediately you registered as a JForce) to next level known as Bronze then to Silver to Gold, Captain Bronze, Captain Silver and finally to Captain Gold, after which you can become B2B consultant.

There are different level advantages you will enjoy which increase as you progress through the levels. See below screenshot for the commission breakdown for all levels.
JForce level and commission breakdown
Note that this update can be subjected to change without prior notice.

And that's not all. Aside from normal commissions, there are many other benefits you can enjoy as being part of the JForce. Currently as a JForce member, you're entitled to free shipping voucher on Grocery products, Kitchen and Small Appliances you purchased on Jumia.

Joining the JForce Team

Now, to become Jumia Sales Consultant, you need to first create account on Jumia website and then go to the JForce website to create your JForce account. The same Email is required for both accounts.

Procedure to become Jumia Sales Consultant(Agent)

  • Go to Jumia website or download the app and register an account using a valid Email address.
  • After creating your account on Jumia, Go to JForce website and create your JForce account using the same Email address.
Once you've successfully completed the registration process, you're now a JForce Agent and can start promoting Jumia products and earn monthly income that'll be paid directly to the bank account you provided during registration.

But that's not all. You can also be added to our JForce team using the details you used during registration. You'll have to send us your details through the contact form on our Contact Page or chat with us live using the Live Chat support button below this post. Details to be sent include your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, City and State. These details will be used to recruit you as our team member. KINDLY NOTE THAT THIS STEP IS OPTIONAL.

You can as well become a Team Leader and recruit other people as your own team members. This will let you earn more money as a Jumia Sales Consultant for you'll be earning commissions on products your team members purchased on Jumia. For more info, use the Live Chat support button below to chat with us directly.

What's More?

All updates to the JForce Team will be sent directly to the Email address you registered with. For more updates you can join the JForce group on Facebook. If you don't want to miss any updates, I advised you join the Facebook group and check your Email regularly.

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