Save More Money on Airtime Recharge with up to 40% Off Discount on OPay Mobile App

OPay is one of the most trending nowadays. If you don't know about the OPay app, I'm sure you're aware of ORide(OPay bike service that lets you book ride easily across the cities). Other than ORide, there are some other services offered by OPay such as OTrike, OCar, OFood, OList and OWealth. All these are amazing services you can make use of if you like doing things on the internet. To use any of the services mentioned above, you need the OPay mobile app installed on your phone. You simply have to download the OPay app then sign up using your phone number and you are good to go.
OPay app homepage - 40% off discount on Airtime
On the OPay app, you can as well enjoy great discount on Airtime Recharge, transfer money from one bank account to another with ₦10 charges only, deposit Money into your OPay account, Buy Data Subscriptions for any network, Get Loans without Collateral and more. If you want services that pay, then try OPay. OPay will save you some money on things you do almost everyday.

Features and Benefits of Using OPay App

  1. Book ride easily and quickly from anywhere ORide, OTrike or OCar service is available and enjoy great discounts.
  2. Transfer money to other Bank account for ₦10 only on up to ₦10,000.
  3. Enjoy 10% off on Airtime Recharge.
  4. Buy Data Subscriptions for any network in Nigeria.
  5. Request for a Loan.
  6. Pay Bills and TV Subscriptions.
  7. Buy Airtime/Data for your loved ones.
And to celebrate the new season, OPay is now giving up to 40% off discount on Airtime Recharge which means that when you buy ₦100 airtime, you'll pay ₦60 only. Recharge ₦50 airtime on OPay app and pay ₦30. Amazing! isn't it?. Imagine how much you'll save if you recharged up to ₦1000.

Though there are terms and conditions that apply which I don't know about. After using the app to buy airtime, I realised that the 40% off discount is on the ₦50 airtime recharge only but the good news is that you can recharge the ₦50 airtime more than once.

I was able to recharge the ₦50 airtime four times on the first day i.e I recharged ₦200 airtime and I pay ₦120 only. Subsequently, I can only recharge up to three times per day, that's ₦150 airtime for ₦90. I'm not sure if the limit is the same for everybody, but you need to try this app and tell us how much you got using the comment section below this post.

How to Enjoy 40% Off Airtime Recharge on OPay

  • Download and install OPay app from Google Play store for android or get it on the App Store for iOS device.
  • Launch the app and sign up using your phone number.
  • Click Airtime from the app homepage.
  • Enter your mobile number and confirm that your operator is correctly selected.
  • Select the ₦50 airtime recharge option from the list and click Next.
  • Confirm that you want to pay ₦30 only for this transaction then choose your payment method and click the Payment button.
Procedure to recharge airtime to your phone using OPay app and get 40% off discount, pay 30 Naira for 50 Naira airtime
If you choose to pay with your debit card, you need to enter the serial number on your ATM Card, the expiry date just below the serial number, the 3 digits CVV security code at the back of the card and then finally complete the transaction by entering the OTP(One Time Password) sent to the phone number registered with your bank.
OTP message received from Access Bank Safetoken
OTP is usually sent by your Bank to confirm that a certain amount of money is about to be debited from your account and while it expires within few minutes, DO NOT DISCLOSE THE OTP TO ANYONE!.

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