The Best App to Start Learning Programming and Web Design from the Beginning The Best App to Start Learning Programming and Web Design from the Beginning - Kefblog Tech Solutions

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The Best App to Start Learning Programming and Web Design from the Beginning

Go from beginner to pro with Sololearn, the best app for learning programming and web design languages for free. Available for mobile phone and computer.
Sololearn app for learning programming and web design courses
Some of us are just keen on learning programming once we're aware of its importance in our course of study and/or future career or even without any particular reason but you just fell in love with it. Yeah! coding is fun. However, learning programming becomes a daunting task if you don't know where to start. And that is why I'm here to show you one of the easiest way to start programming as a beginner or intermediate programmer for free.

Well, to me, it's not really that hard to start learning programming but what I'm talking about is where you start this long journey. If you type your query in search engine, I'm sure you'll find lots of tutorials(videos and PDFs) that can help you with learning programming but for me it's just so boring and tiresome to be reading those books of more than 1000 pages while trying so hard to understand every single word on every page of what you are not already familiar with and nobody is there to help.

And one of most needful when learning programming is having somewhere to find answers to questions that come up. I mean a community of people with like minded who have gone through your current stage and can help you with all the troubles you're facing. Yes, I can say a lot of troubles when writing programs.

You know... it's just crazy sometimes when you have perfected your code to your very best, tried as much as possible to ensure there's no error but still your program will just failed to run or you are building an app and the app just keep crashing. You then go through your code over and over again but still failed to find out what is wrong with the code, where you have made a mistake. A tiny mistake can give a real big headache. Such a horrible feeling!. I know the newbies here may not understand.

Sololearn - Learn and Play

The best app that gives you all you need to learn programming languages and web design for free is a very simple app you can easily download on Google Play Store for android or get it on the App Store for iOS. It's named Sololearn: Learn and code for free. Coding is fun but Sololearn is much fun, you learn while playing and you play while learning. This app has gotten over 5 Million downloads and 4.8/5 star rating on Google Play and App Store.

Sololearn app is currently not available for PC/Laptop but you can use the web version to learn any of the available programming and web design languages by visiting the Sololearn website or install the app on Android Emulator such as Bluestack.

Learn Coding for Free with Sololearn

Sololearn is the ideal app for any level of programmer - beginner, intermediate or advanced, with 34,792,670 Learners around the world, 1,638 Lessons and 13,797 Quizzes at the time of writing this article. It features a lot of tutorials in readable and eye catching plain text format(not boring at all) with pictures and  diagrams to give you more explanation of what is being talked about. Step by step approaches and Q&A segments to understand the concept of every topics.

There is more, Sololearn has the feature of a social platform where you share your coding ideas to the community. You can post what you've just learned and get upvotes. You can as well post questions and get quick replies from experts to solve the problems you might be facing. And above all, it's free!.
Learn Java tutorial course with certificate on Sololearn and write Java programs
With Sololearn app, you can start learning any of the popular programming and web design languages completely for free. It features the best approach to learning the following courses; HTML, Python 3, C++, Java, JavaScript, SQL, C#, PHP, CSS, Swift 4, jQuery, Ruby and the old C.

There's more to learn with Sololearn; the new Kotlin released in 2016 set to replace Java, Data Structures, Algorithm, Cryptography, Angular JS, Bootstrap and many more that you have to find out yourself once you download and install the app on your phone.

All the Features You'll Love in Sololearn

  • Detailed tutorials for all courses with challenging questions you must find answers to before going to the next topics.
  • Social platform to share your coding ideas and meet nearby programmers and experts in the field.
  • Programming Challenge - where you compete with other programmers and earn XP to level up. The programming languages you learned are your weapons.
  • Code Playground for writing programs and/or doing some practices using the languages you learned.
  • Question and Answer(Q&A) Discussions - where you can ask or answer questions related to programming and Web design.
  • Sololearn Certificate - surprisingly, you'll get a certificate of completion for all the courses you completed successfully on Sololearn for free.
All programming language courses available on Sololearn app for free, HTML Challenge and question and answer discussions
I really can't tell you everything about this amazing app designed for learning programming and web design. You have to download the Sololearn app or visit the website to find out more.

If you're having problem downloading or installing the app on your phone, you can also learn with Sololearn on the web, which is available on any device (Android, iPhone/iPad or PC).

Once you have successfully downloaded Sololearn app, install and launch it then you can quickly sign up with your Name, Email and Password or log in/sign in with your Facebook or Google account. You'll now have access to all the features of Sololearn app for free. Go ahead and choose the course you want to learn to kick-start your programming career.

Have you downloaded and installed the Sololearn app? What do you have to say about your experience with the app?. Got any other tool that can be useful for learning programming? Kindly share with us in the comment box below.

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