Reach 9000+ People by Sharing your Facebook Post to Multiple Groups using this New Method Reach 9000+ People by Sharing your Facebook Post to Multiple Groups using this New Method

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Reach 9000+ People by Sharing your Facebook Post to Multiple Groups using this New Method

How do you share a facebook post to multiple groups without getting your account or blog link banned from Facebook?.
New method to automatically share Facebook post to multiple groups
We all know Facebook is the most popular social platform and a very great place to share your articles and reach more people. But with Facebook Community strict standards, you can hardly get anywhere with your blog if you didn't have enough followers.

The very basic things to do to start promoting your blog on Facebook is to create a Facebook page, invite your friends to like your page, then start sharing your articles daily or weekly to keep your community updated.

But with all this and all that, you may still not reach your target audience if you don't have enough followers on your Facebook page. I mean lot of people people liking your page. If you had about 300 people who liked your page, you'll hardly reach 50 of them when you published a post.

The main solution to this is to share your post to multiple facebook groups.
Currently, Facebook groups are known as the heart of Facebook which makes them the best place to share your articles and reach your target audience. You can as well create a Facebook group for reasonable discussions between you and your community.

So now, how do you share your post to multiple groups without getting your link blocked from Facebook? or get your account banned for some days or weeks?.

As for me, I can't really count the number of times I got my Facebook account banned from posting to Facebook. I also got my blog link blocked and I've never been able to post that link on Facebook till now. I don't even think it's possible to get your link unblocked completely from Facebook because I've tried some methods that didn't worked for me. I was only able to share my shortened link after some few weeks. But this link will neither generate preview nor will be able to share it to anywhere other than where I posted it. I'll have to generate a new shortened link of the same link to share it in any other place. Such is what I had to went through because I got my blog link blocked from Facebook.

But, not anymore! cos I've moved my blog to a new domain and so I can now share my new blog link to Facebook without any problem. I know moving to a new domain can be a really tough decision to make for some people who already had considerable amount of blog visitors but it still worths it if you care about the amount of visitors you can gain from Facebook and also, you know how to successfully move to a new domain without having great negative impact on your blog rank in Search Engines.

How I got my link blocked

Facebook is just very strict with their community standard. So, if you violate any, you'll have to face the consequence. And one of those is spamming the Facebook community. If you share a post to multiple Facebook groups all at once, it'll be considered a spam. Of course, that's what only robots can do. So, you'll either get your account banned from posting to Facebook or your website link blocked from Facebook. So, this is what happened - While trying to share my blog link to multiple Facebook groups at once using facebook auto poster, I got my link blocked.

There are two common methods you'd find online for sharing facebook post to multiple groups. One is Facebook Auto Poster websites that specialized in scheduling your post and automatically posting them on Facebook groups at the scheduled times. The other method require you to get all the facebook group ID and use them in your email containing the post you want to publish to those groups. There are some other methods also but anyway, I wouldn't advise you to use any of those methods so you won't be a victim like me.

I'll now be showing you a new method you can use to share your facebook post to multiple groups without getting banned or getting your link blocked. It's a very uncommon method you won't find anywhere else. You know... uncommon sense usually makes sense than common sense🤔. This method has worked for me and I'd be very happy to share with you here the new method for sharing facebook post to multiple groups.

See below screenshots for proof of how I was able to reach more than 9,000 people on Facebook with a post using this method.
Facebook post reaches 9000+ people
It's just a simple trick. However, you have to ensure that you follow the instructions properly if you don't want to be sorry later because you can still got your link blocked or got yourself banned if you are not very careful.
Warning: Using this trick, you can share your post to as many Facebook groups as possible but there are two(2) things you shouldn't do.
  1. You should never, I repeat, NEVER! share your post two times in a row to one group. If you are in doubt whether you have share the post to a certain group or not, it's better to leave that group and go to the next.
  2. Also you should be aware that you must be a member of the group you want to share your post in. You also must know the rules of the group before sharing your post. If you violate the rule and your post is reported as spam, that's your own cup of tea. Enjoy😀.
Now, follow the below guide to share your Facebook Post to multiple Facebook groups. We'll be using the Lite version of Facebook app for this trick so you need to download and install it on your phone if you don't have it installed already. This trick is not for sharing your post automatically or at once to multiple Facebook groups. You'll have to do it manually and one after the other but with the Facebook Lite app, you can do it very fast. I was able to share my post to 30 groups within 7 minutes. You can be faster.

There'll be a lot of useful features missing in Facebook Lite such as creating a scrolling photos in post. It's well known that post containing images is usually attractive and get more engagement. So, I advise you use Facebook on your PC or the standard Facebook app on your phone to create and publish the post to your timeline or Facebook page before going to the Facebook Lite app to share your post to multiple Facebook groups.

Watch the video guide:

3 Quick Steps to Share Facebook Post to Multiple Facebook Groups

  1. Download, install and launch the Facebook Lite version app.
  2. Go to the post and click Show More to view the full post if it has a lengthy text.
  3. Click Share from below the post and click Share to a group then select the group to share your post. Repeat this for all the groups you want to share the post. You're done.

So, that's it. You can now share your blog link to multiple Facebook groups without anything to worry about. Don't forget to share our articles with others. Thanks 🤗.

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