MyMTN App Invite And Get Promo, How To Get Free 2GB Data On MTN

Procedure to get free 2gb data on MTN daily
  1. Download and install MyMTN app if you don't have it already installed on your phone.
  2. Log in on the app and Invite your friends using their phone numbers.
  3. Once your friends download and log in on the app, you get free 200MB data each.
  4. Invite 10 friends and get 2GB instantly. 
Invite your friends and get 200mb free data, your friends also get free 500mb
This is the latest data bonus offer from MTN for you to get free MB on your MTN line. Simply invite your friends to log in on myMTN app and get up to 2GB data for free daily. New and existing MTN subscribers can benefit from this offer.

What is MyMTN App?

MyMTN App is a free Android and iOS app created by MTN for performing easy, quick and convenient transactions on your MTN line. Buy Airtime, Data Bundle, GoodyBag, YouTube Packs or XtraValue Bundles, Check Airtime/Data Balance, Account Information, Tariff plan migration and other MTN services available just for you whether you are logged in or offline. You also get access to latest promotion and offers so you don't miss out on anything. MyMTN is a good app for you if you own a smartphone and a MTN sim.

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How to Download MyMTN App to your Phone

MyMTN App is available for Android on Google Play store and you can as well get it on the App Store for iOS devices.

Download Links:
  • Click the below download button to download MyMTN App on your Android or iOS device.
Link to download MyMTN app on the app store Link to download MyMTN app on Google Play store

MyMTN App Invite And Get Promo - How It Works

This is new MTN referral program to earn free MB. Invite your friend to download MyMTN app and get 200MB data for free when your friend login on the app. Your friend also get free 500MB data. Amazing!, isn't it?. You can invite more friends and get free 200MB each which you can accumulate up to 2GB daily. All you have to do is to invite 10 friends everyday.

Your friends must be new users on the myMTN app i.e those that have not logged in with their phone numbers on the app before.

How To Get 2GB Free Data On MTN Using MyMTN App

  • Download MyMTN app from above links.
  • Install and launch the app.
  • Log in using your phone number.
  • Click Invite Now from the banner that popups immediately you open the app or click Invite & Get 2GB Instantly banner from the homepage. You can also go to Offers and Promotions page and click Refer a Friend.
  • Enter up to five MTN numbers you want to invite and click Send Invite.
MyMTN App invite and get promo page to enter friends phone numbers and send invites
If you entered a number that has been used to log in on MyMTN app before, you'll get an error message. Otherwise, you'll get a success message. 
  • Tell your friends about the app. Once your invited friends downloaded and logged in on the MyMTN app, you'll get your free 200MB and your friends get 500MB data for free.
  • Your friends must click the link that appears on the app homepage to activate their free 500MB data.
  • To check your data balance, kindly log in on MyMTN app and you'll see your available data balance on the homepage.
You may then decide to invite more friends to get more MB and accumulate up to 2GB free data bonus. 

What's the validity period?
Your free data bonus is valid for 24hrs from the time of activation while your friend's free 500MB data is valid till 11:59pm on the day of activation.

How much did you get?. Please share your testimony in the comment section below and don't forget to share this article with your friends. Thanks.

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