The bX Error in Blogger: How I Managed To Fix It

While trying to save my blog theme, I got the error message "We're sorry, but we're unable to complete your request..." with error code "bx-gtbfmw". This error and other related bx errors are are caused by inappropriate template layout. I got this error fixed by removing all AdSense widgets from my template layout settings.

Pop up showing error code bx-gtbfmw
If you've been seeing this type of error while trying to save your blog template, then I think you are at the right place to fix it. Today, I'll be sharing with you my experience of how I was able to fix the bX error in Google Blogger.

Must have been a headache, really.
I've never been so tired of the Google Blogger Platform till that very day when I made some editing in my template html code and tried to save the template but I just keep getting a message(with the error code bX-gtbfmw) popping up everytime and so I was unable to save my theme. What's wrong?. Well, I can't really tell, what causes this error. But I just know I was able to fix it after a few days of headache for not being able to make any kind of editing in my blog template.

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How I Fix The bX-gtbfmw Error

The first thing I noticed was that it happened right after I applied for Google AdSense Program. Then, I figured out that my blog template(a third party template I was using) was containing some AdSense widgets already installed. At that time, my AdSense application has not been approved yet so I guessed maybe those widgets had something to do with the issue I'm facing. And you know what? I guessed right. After I removed all the AdSense widgets installed from my blog layout settings, everything is back to normal and I was able to save changes made to my blog template code thereafter🌝.

So to fix this error, you can try removing from your blog layout all AdSense widgets installed and try saving your theme(after making some changes). If this worked for you also, then that's fine. If however you're still unable to fix the error with this guide, kindly go through your blog layout settings and check for any suspicious widget that has been installed in your template and remove them all. Thanks for reading.

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