Buying A Custom Domain Name - What Is It and Why Do You Need To Buy One? Buying A Custom Domain Name - What Is It and Why Do You Need To Buy One?

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Buying A Custom Domain Name - What Is It and Why Do You Need To Buy One?

Buying a custom domain name is very necessary for every blogger who started blogging with free hosting and a subdomain name.
Domain name suffixes - .org .com .gov

What Is A Custom Domain Name?

I know you might have already heard of it somewhere but you may not understand what it really means.

Just Take A Look
The custom domain name of this blog is and our free subdomain –

When browsing on the internet, the address of the pages you visit is usually in numbers e.g This numbers is really not meaningful and quite not understandable for the user and that's why the numbers are being replaced by readable letters. This is the work of the Domain Name Service(DNS).

The DNS registers your domain name with the real number address. So when the browser request for the domain name, the DNS will look up on their server the real address in form of numbers, get the content from this address and return the content to the browser requesting the domain name page.

In short, a domain name is a name that's used to represent the non memorable address of web pages on the internet. And we have custom domain name and subdomain name. A custom domain name as the name implies is the customised web address name with the suffix(.com, .org, .online,.xyz or .tech as in our case) just after the name. A subdomain is lower part of a custom domain. When you have a web hosting with your custom domain, you can also create some subdomains for your blog address.

Now, taking a second look at our free subdomain and the custom domain – and If I would like to create a subdomain, I can create a subdomain with address
Look the address carefully

As you can see, I believe you should now be able to figure out the Google custom domain of our free subdomain( Can you?. Not sure if you got it, but the custom domain is Yes!, that is the Google Blogger custom domain. If you visit this address you would end up at the page. But, why is that?.

There's nothing special there, Google is using redirection to redirect users from domain to domain since Google is owning both addresses. You too can redirect one address to the other if you have a web hosting for your custom domain name.
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Why You Need A Custom Domain Name From Start?

Yes, you might asking yourself this questions, why a custom domain name? I just created a blog and just started managing it by posting articles, doing this and that, do I really need a custom domain now? Or can't I grow my blog up to some level, make some money then I can consider buying a custom domain name?.

Well, you are right because you can still make money with your subdomain blog. Yes, it's possible but it's not easy for the truth is blogging nowadays is very competitive. If you are not serious about it the chance that you won't go far in it is very high.

So, if you want to be serious about blogging and you want to make money through it then you should be able to invest a little at startup. Moreover, you shouldn't dare to buy a custom domain name only after gaining considerable amount of visitors on your blog because you are the risk of losing most of your visitors. You may not understand this so I'll back it up with the following reasons:
Domain name suffixes - .org .com .net

1. You Will Lose Your Search Engine Ranking

This is the number one reason you should buy a custom domain at startup.

Your Search ranking is your blog position when some pages on your blog show up in search results, that is when something on your blog (keyword) is being searched. You can track your blog search ranking using Google Search Console.

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So, If you are having considerable amount of pageviews from search Engines like Google then you are likely going to lose most of this traffic if you change to a custom domain name. Why? Because, once Google detect similar contents on your new blog address, this new address will be registered as Google canonical URL and will be crawled and indexed so Google will stop indexing your previous blog address which is the free subdomain. But, the action is not quick it can take up weeks or even months before you get your blog back in position.

2. You'll Lose Your Domain Authority

It is understood that if you have been blogging for a year, your blog would have built up some Domain Authority(DA). So, when you switch to a custom domain, you'll lose all your DA and you'll have to start from the beginning.

3. Account Update Required

You will need to update your account on Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster tool to reflect your new custom domain name. Both Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster tool are used to track your blog performance. If you want to know more about this amazing tools and also learn how you can put them to good use then you should join our mailing list so you don't miss our upcoming articles.

4. Resubmit Sitemap To Search Engines

You will have to resubmit your blog sitemap to all search engines you previously submitted to. Submitting your sitemap to search engine allows your blog to get crawled and indexed faster.

5. Update Blog Address On Your Social Profiles

If you buy a custom domain, you'll have to update your blog address on all your social profiles.

6. Re-marketing Your New Name

With a new domain name, you'll need to re-brand and remarket this new name and create awareness for your blog visitors.

Now, What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Custom Domain?

Since you've learned the reasons why you shouldn't wait to get a custom domain name for your blog, it's time to know the benefits of buying this custom domain.

You've Got To Shorten Your Web Address

Yes, it's obvious, as you can see that a custom domain name is usually shorter than free subdomains. And you should consider your blog readers for you should know that typing a long website address in the browser's URL box is always an hassle for all internet user. Therefore, you need a custom domain so users can re-visit your blog again once they are able to remember your blog address if it's short.

You Look Like A Pro

Sure!, people will trust you more if you are using a custom domain name. And using branded Email address like will make you look like a professional to your audience. You won't look serious with a free subdomain name like Moreover, other than your visitors, Search Engines will also trust your blog content even more and it's also said that you can get your Google AdSense account approved easier and quicker with a custom domain.

Publicising Your Blog Becomes Easy

You can easily publicize with a short blog address than a long one. Surely, it doesn't look good to say to your audience "visit my blog @". Haha, you want to scare your blog readers away?. Therefore, don't think twice, you just have to get a custom domain right now.

So, that's it. Everything you need to know about Custom Domain Name. If you are not getting something right, please let us know in the comment section.

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