Best Deals On Jumia Mobile Week – Watch Out! Best Deals On Jumia Mobile Week – Watch Out!

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Best Deals On Jumia Mobile Week – Watch Out!

Updated: 6th of May 

Jumia, the largest online shopping mall in Africa is here again with her Mobile Week promotional campaign – it's a game of phones. Mobile phones and their accessories at crazy discount prices up to 50% off. Truly, you can't get better deals anywhere else. Starting from 6th to 12th of May, don't miss the date!.

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It's high time you get your dream phone with amazing discount from popular brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Gionee, Huawei, Apple and others. I'll be introducing some great deals you would not want to miss during this campaign and also guide you through how to buy your dream phone on Jumia Online.

Jumia Mobile Week Deals:
  1. Top Deals
  2. Flash Sale Deals
  3. Phone Accessories Deals
  4. Amazing discount price deals

Top Deals - Crazy Price Slash On Popular Products

Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus (3GB RAM + 32GB ROM) @ ₦49,000 ₦53,000

Gionee S10 Lite 5.2 Inch HD (4GB RAM + 32GB ROM) @ ₦29,990 ₦32,690

Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 (2GB RAM + 32GB ROM) @ ₦40,600 ₦43,900

Tecno Camon 11 (3GB RAM + 32GB ROM) @ ₦42,500 ₦47,000

You can buy any of the Top deals at the discounted price once the Mobile week campaign kick off. You can click above images, search in the Jumia app or website, or you can use the Jumia Phone Finder to find the phone you wish to buy.

Flash Sale Deals – Crazy Discounts Up To 30% Off

Flash sale is a fastest finger campaign. Flash sale deals are deals with crazy discounts, uneven yet amazing price slash, limited in stock and sold at specific times. The fact that you found the product doesn't mean you'll definitely buy it. Flash sale deals can run out before you complete your order, so you have to be very fast. Imagine thousands of people on a 100 units product, don't think it's a joke. Flash sale products can be out of stock before a blink of an eye, remember!, you are not the only one on it.
DateProduct NameImage
(Click to Zoom)
(Up to 30% off)
(Click the link to buy)
Mon. 6th MayApple iPhone 7 (2GB/32GB)

₦66,990 ₦92,40050 units – Buy It Now9:00 am
Apple iPhone 6S (1GB/64GB)

₦63,760 ₦66,90050 units – Buy It Now9:00 am
Redmi Go (1GB/8GB)

₦19,990 ₦23,53250 units – Buy It Now12:00 pm
Tue. 7th MayNokia X6 (4GB/64GB)

₦51,990 ₦72,999100 units – Buy It Now9:00 am
Xiaomi Redmi 6A (2GB/16GB)

₦26,990 ₦31,000100 units – Buy It Now12:00 pm
Wed. 8th MayApple iPhone X(3GB/64GB)

₦269,990  ₦280,00030 units – Buy It Now9:00 am
Redmi Note 7 (4GB/32GB)

₦47,990 ₦57,000100 units – Buy It Now12:00 pm
Thu. 9th MayTecno F1 (1GB/8GB)

₦18,000 ₦19,990200 units – Buy It Now9:00 am
Samsung A30 (4GB/64GB)

₦63,000 ₦68,000100 units – Buy It Now9:00 am
Samsung A10 (2GB/32GB)

₦35,000 ₦40,000100 units – Buy It Now9:00 am
Rocco Power Bank (20000mAh)

₦2,980 ₦4,000200 units – Buy It Now12:00 pm
Samsung A50 (6GB/128GB)

₦89,000 ₦92,000100 units – Buy It Now12:00 pm
Samsung A70 (6GB/128GB)

₦115,000 ₦121,200100 units – Buy It Now12:00 pm
Fri. 10th MayGionee S11(4GB/32GB)

₦34,990 ₦40,590100 units – Buy It Now9:00 am
Nokia 3.1 (2GB/12GB)

₦27,010 ₦33,000200 units – Buy It Now12:00 pm
How To Buy Flash Sale Products
  1. Open an email account if you don't have one. You can view our article on how to create a Google email account. You'll be using your email address and password or your Facebook account to login to the Jumia app or website to buy a product.
  2. Note the time the flash sale product will be live(uploaded on Jumia app/website). See the table above to know the specific times the flash sale deals are going to be uploaded online.
  3. Open the Jumia app while you are connected to the internet. Ensure the network is good.
  4. Click the flash sale banner once it appears at the top of the homepage. You can scroll through the displayed banners to find the flash sale banner.
  5. Go back to homepage if you can't find your targeted product at that specific time. Sometimes, it may take a minute or two before the product is uploaded online.
  6. Repeat the above 2 steps untill your flash sale product is live.
  7. Click the product and then scroll down and click Buy Now button.
  8. Quickly complete your order. You will have to enter your delivery address and choose your preferred payment methods. Pay On Delivery may also be available for some locations/products or you can choose to pay through Jumia Pay and enjoy extra 5% discount. Terms and conditions apply.

Phone Accessories Deals – Must Have Products

Portable Speakers – up to 40% off.  Buy Now
Smart Watches – up to 60% off.  Buy Now
Power banks – up to 50% off.  Buy Now
Headphones – up to 40% off.  Buy Now

Amazing Discount Prices On Top Brands

Apple – up to 20% off.  Buy Now
Nokia – up to 30% off.  Buy Now
Gionee – up to 20% off.  Buy Now
Huawei – up to 10% off.  Buy Now
Samsung – up to 20% off.  Buy Now

More Deals For Everyone:
  • Free 3 months data for first 1000 customers daily.
  • Extra discounts when you buy 3 or more phone accessories.
  • Phone finder to help you find your dream phone easily.
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I believe you wouldn't want to miss any of the above deals. Let me know your opinion in the comment section below.

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