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Stable And Faster Download Of TV Shows – Dramania App

Update: If you are not able to download videos on dramania app please check out the best alternatives for dramania app

Not long ago, a post was published here on how to download Asian TV shows and movies where an Android app, Dramania, was introduced. As I've already said, this app can be used to stream videos online with any of your videos' player and also download them to your phone for offline viewing. What's more? The videos are in high quality yet having low data sizes. Believe me, it is the best app for this job.

Though Dramania can be used to download any of your Asian dramas, there are some problem that may arise because of how it works. All videos available on Dramania app are divided into parts, usually four parts for each episode of an Asian drama. Well, this is a common practice among other TV Shows streaming websites like DramaGo and Dramagalaxy. So, this is not necessarily the problem. The problem is that Dramania uses the android system Download Manager to download videos, like the Google Play Store app. This makes downloading slow and unstable. If a download error occurred, you'll have to restart the download. You agreed that doesn't make sense, right? So, how can that be fixed?.

Actually I'm going to introduce another Android app named ADM, Advanced Download Manager, which can be used to make the video download faster and stabler. Come to think of it, since we are having problem with our default Android system download manager, all we have to do now is to give this video downloading task to another app. ADM just comes in handy in this case. But how do we achieve this? It's quite easy. Kindly follow the below detailed procedure to get your videos downloading properly.

How To Make Download Stabler With ADM

I'm sure you have already installed the Dramania app. If you haven't, click here to download and install it on your phone.
  • Once that is done, download ADM by clicking the link below, then Install!.
  • Now, launch Dramania app and search for your favorite drama or movie.
  • Once you are on the page where the video parts are listed, tick the External Video Player checkbox. 
  • Then click any part of the video you would like to download. A list of installed video player/downloader will pop up.
  • Kindly choose ADM Editor from the list then click START button. 
The video will be instantly added to be the app download list and downloading will start immediately. That's all.

Useful Tip For Dramania App
For easy navigation to your videos, you can mark them as favorite. Check the 🌟 button at the top right corner.

If you like this tutorial, please share!. Still having problems downloading videos with Dramania app?, kindly scroll to the comments section and leave a message, we'll reply as soon as possible.

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  1. Hi, am not able to download the videos though I have downloaded ADM.

  2. Hi, kindly note that Dramania is currently not working. You can try other alternatives like and I have an article on that, see it here.

    You can also use, they're doing well for now.


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